My first item on the wish list would be pasta, thanks to MasterChef UK. Holy mother of Brompton, those are too much pasta dishes for my own wellbeing. This is the first time ever that I can rightly say that MC UK is boring me. Sad, but true. I just miss Georgie and Gaz and Matt Preston and his Shiny Pants of Yay. I’m switching off. Trinny and Susannah it is then.

I would love to treat myself to a new toy for my adult toy collection. Which, so far, consists of a small clit vibe in the shape of a chicken, which I can’t find, a slim white vibe, which looks like a bowling pin when you turn it upside down and my hot pink, bendy one. And some lube. Let’s not forget the lube. I feel like it needs to be a little more. Maybe something to cure my G spot woes. This one looks nice . I’ve seen these at Pabo in Brussels. It is fascinating how they appear to be bigger in the picture.

I think I might be coming down with something. A big case of insomnia might be it. I’ve been staying up till as late as two thirty am, watching repeats of Ghost Whisperer, MasterChef Australia and Poker after Dark. My eyes hurt and I feel like shit. Plus, Ghost Whisperer is giving me the creeps. Making me think there are actual ghosts in my room. I keep forgetting what I want to write by the way.

I need to stop for now. Might read in Julie and Julia. While the ghosts in my room and the ghosts in my mind float around freely….

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