G Failin’

After an hour or so of almost ploughing my pussy with the Bowling Pin, I gave up. I’m going on strike. I don’t even want to find my g-spot anymore. I mean, it’s so fucking frustrating! I’ve been inside with my fingers, can’t find it. With both my vibes, can’t find it. What the hellfire do I need to do to find the little fucker? My masturbation sessions are becoming agonising, due to the fact that they go on forever and ever. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. It certainly isn’t a pleasant thing, because by the time I reach orgasm, I have spasms in my hand. I would do anything to have a nice, quick orgasm.

The weather is quite beautiful today, which surprises me. Nice clear sky. The window in the living room is open and that’s always a sign of good weather. Nice breeze. You can hear that not much has happened to me today. I’ve only been up like half an hour.

Picture, anyone?

I imagine loads of men want to give Kelly Brook a pearl necklace…

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  1. bill zee

     /  May 21, 2012

    Must be nice to have that problem….I pray for just one more before I die!!!


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