Drummer boy

I am shocked. Shocked and in awe and all that sort of thing. In front of me was something that I never expected. He has never told me about it, never mentioned it, not even briefly.

In front of me, in his parents’s attic, is Jase’s old drumkit.

He’s rushing up the stairs, appologising for something I can’t quite make out, because oh my word, my boyfriend has a drumkit.

“Sorry.. oh. You found it.” he says, slightly embarassed that I found out his dirty little secret.

“Yes, I found it!” I screech in delight, happy that I’ve discovered something new about him. I run into the room and hastily search for the drumsticks. When I find them, I squeel from the sheer glee that hits me. I don’t know why I’m so excited about this.

I sit down at the drums and start bashing like I’m auditioning to be in the Pistols.

“Oi!” he yells over the noise. “My parents might hear!”

“Would your parents mind?”

“Yes! It’s my dad’s drumkit.”he says, shuffling his feat. I can tell something is up.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“He would never let me play it. Didn’t like me doing music.”


He hesitates. Then answers. “Cos he didn’t want me to end up like him. He used to be a drummer. And that’s all he ever told me.”

I stand up and hug him.

“It was like he never wanted to see me happy. He ruled over my education. He’s diffrent now. But that painful stuff, that still remains.”

“Did you sneak up here and play sometimes?”

He nods. “Wasn’t very good, though.”

I move away from him and sit down on the ground, with my legs crossed. “Play me something.”

“What? You’re joshing me.”

“No, seriously, play me something. Something sexy.”

He thinks about it for a second, and then sits down at the drumkit. He starts playing and it only takes me a second to recognise the beat as “Theme from Shaft” by Isaac Hayes. Definitely sexy!

I sing along to it, enjoying this intimate moment. I never thought that my boyfriend had any more hidden layers to him. I mean, we’ve known each other for seven years. And I’m still finding out new things about him!

I walk up to him and sit on his lap. He stops playing and puts down the drumsticks.

“Good boy. Now, what can we do to piss off your parents even more than we have already, what with all the drumming and that?”

He ponders this for a second and then comes up with a genius idea. “We could… have sex right here. The floorboards are really creaky, so my parents might hear us.. but not that I give a flying fuck or that.”

Now there’s an idea I can get on board with!


It’s dirty. Oh my word, it’s dirty. He’s fucking me proper, me with my legs up in the air, him on top, lying on the wooden floor of the attic. The floorboards are creaking loudly and for a second, I think that the floor is going to break down.

All I can see, hear, feel is the layers of dust, the heat, the sweat, the sensation of his flesh on mine, his cock inside me, my fingernails in his pert bum and it is truly sensory overload. He comes and his salty juices feel warm, seeping down my thigh on to the floor. I come, with one last rattle of the floorboards.

There is a moment’s silence. Then we burst out in laughter.

“I can’t believe we got away with that!” he giggles. I love it when he giggles. It sounds like the cheeky monkey he is.

Suddenly, there’s a noise.

“What the bloody hell was all that?” I hear Jase’s dad yell.

“Ooh, calm yourself down, dear, it’s probably just something that’s fallen on the floor.”

“Over and over again?”

We both freeze. And then get to work on getting our clothes on.

In the nick of time, we get ourselves decent again, covering the quite obvious spot of cum with a blanket. 

His parents enter, to the noise of “What the hell happened here?” 

“Nothing!” we say in unison. And then we giggle. 

Because that’s what we do. We’re both little gigglearses. That’s what binds us.  

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