Lavender and Chocolate

I’m in heaven. Pure, unadulterated heaven. Also known as Legrande Chocolatier, a new shop that just opened around the corner. Imagine, having a master chocolatier mere footsteps from your door. The smell is enchanting, the look of it is brilliant.

“Would madame like to taste something?”

The woman behind the counter is holding out a plate full of little drops of heaven. I hesitate for a moment.

“I don’t know. What do you recommend?”

She smiles, quite smugly. “Everything.”

I think for a second, and then I wave her away. “I’ll just look around for a bit.”

“Very well, as madame wishes. But if you are here for the reason I think you are here… I have something for you.”

How does she know why I’m here? I haven’t led her on to thinking that I’m here because I want to surprise Jase tonight. We’ve been going out for a week now. And I wanted to give him a token of my affection, which, in my world, translates to chocolate.

She is staring at me. I can feel her eyes burning in my back. I turn around and face her. She is holding a small bottle of something in one hand and a box of something in the other.

“Chocolate, filled with lavender. And edible chocolate body paint. Both excellent aphrodisiacs.”

I am stunned. Did she read my mind?

“How much?”

She smiles knowingly. “Five pounds for the paint, five pounds for the chocolate. But for you… free.”

I can’t believe it. Free chocolate.

I hastily accept her offer and she winks as I walk out. “Let me know how it goes.”

I then think that it’s best to keep her as a friend. After all…. free choccie.


“Happy first week anniversary!” I say, enthusiastically. We’re in his flat, where I now spend every waking moment, it seems.

I hand him the festively wrapped box of lavender chocolates. He grins and happily unwraps the package.

“That smells terrific. What is it?”

“Chocolate! With something extra in it. Go ahead, try them. They’re lush!”

He takes one out the box and takes a tentative bite. His face is priceless.

“What in the… is that lavender?”

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“Ehm.. I’m not against it!”

He chuckles heartily as he takes another bite. “It’s quite good, actually. It’s starting to grow on me. Where did you get these?”

“Legrande Chocolatier, round the corner from our house. The woman there recommended these to me.”

“I can see why, they’re delicious.”

“Not only that, these happen to be an excellent aphrodisiac.”

His eyes open wide. “Aha! So that’s what you’re trying to pull here! Try to get me into bed by chocolate, you…” he says, shaking his fist in true John Cleese fashion.

“Dare you to finish that sentence!” I cry out.

“You absolutely brilliant, sexy, amazing woman.” he says, as he pulls me to him and kisses me. The taste of lavender and chocolate lingers on his lips.

“You know…” I say, as he pulls back. “I have something else for you.. something quite tasty as well.”

“My lady, are you suggesting we retreat to my quarters?”

I nod, cheekily grinning. Oh boy, have I got a surprise for him…


“Chocolate body paint?” he gasps. I show him the bottle, and the paintbrush that comes with it. “You are joking, aren’t you?”

I open the bottle and dip the brush in the paint. Slowly, he realises that, no, I am not kidding, I am bloody serious about this.

I mount him and start my new painting project with a dip on his nose. He giggles as I lick it off. Have I mentioned that I love him giggling?

Then I draw a line on his neck, down to his chest. I circle his nipples with the silky soft brush and softly bite down on them, which makes him gasp in surprise.

“Do you like it?” I ask, innocently. He nods.

I continue painting my favorite places and he continues to gasp and moan from the feather-lite touch.  And I save the best for last…

His cock reacts the moment I reach it. It stirs, as I paint it with the rich chocolate. I circle the head, until he moans in pure extacy. 

“God, that feels so good.” he says, closing his eyes. “I want more.”

“You want more?” I purr. “What do you want me to do?”

I’m still circling the shaft with the brush. He’s fully erect and I marvel at its beauty. Never before have I seen such a perfect cock. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen such a perfect cock slathered in chocolate before.

“Suck my cock. Please.” he begs.

And I oblige. I lick the head, which makes him twitch. My tongue circles around the shaft, licking off all of the chocolate in its way. His heavy moans and groans penetrate the air.

“Oh god, oh god, oh…”

He tries to speak. His voice is a mere whisper as I lick and suck his cock, his beautiful, big cock, alternating tongue with hand.

“Don’t stop, babe, don’t stop.” he says hoarsely. “Fuck, I’m coming..”

He comes indeed. One last lick and he goes over the edge, pulses of cum seeping from his cock. I lap it up, to his great delight.

I lie myself down next to him, stroking his hot body for a while.

“Happy one week anniversary.” I smile. And then I kiss him. He still tastes of lavender and chocolate…

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  1. My cock gave this story a standing ovation. 🙂


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