“I always wanted to be a spy.”

He told me that on our third date, over coffee and cake. We were slightly inebriated and I had told him that I wanted to be a fairy princess when I was young. Then, this confession.

“No, seriously, I wanted to be like James Bond. I’d get all the girls and the cool gadgets… plus, a smashing car.”

“So, why did you become a doctor?”

“Sense of duty, I guess. I love being around kids and I love doing the right thing. I’m a good guy, honest.”

“But don’t you ever want to be bad? Break all the rules, or bend them at least?” I said, whilst sipping coffee.

He had smiled, but felt like changing the subject. I thought that it was the last I would hear of his dream. Yeah, guess again.


That Saturday, he had texted me to come over to his flat, with the message that he had something in store for me. I wondered what it was…

I arrived at his house at the time he asked me to come. But there was no one there. I wondered around his flat for a few minutes, before I felt a presence following me.

And then I felt someone pulling me back, right into the bedroom. Next thing I knew, I was being tied to the bedpost. It took me minutes to realise that it was Patrick doing this.

“Patrick? What are you doing?”

“Being bad for a change. Do you like it?”

I grinned. “I don’t think you are supposed to ask me. But, yeah, I quite like it.”

“Good. Now, be a good girl and lay back. You are going to listen to what I do. And, call me Master.”

“Fuck that, you’ll never be my Master.” I hissed, immediately getting into the game.

“Shut up, Slave!” he bellowed. Clearly this wasn’t even an effort for him. It was inside him all along.

“Listen to me, Slave. I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to fuck you real hard, until you come and until your juices coat my pure white bed linen. You got that?”

I grinned defiantly. “Yes. Mister Master.”

“Good. And it’s just.. Master, by the way, if you forgot..”

His awkwardness.. endearing really. He picked up his role again and ordered me to spread my legs. Then, he pulled down my trousers and my panties, revealing my already moist pussy

He straddled me, and entered me.

“Look into my eyes, Slave. I want you to watch me.” he said, trying to sound menacing. He just sounded horny. And cute.

Suddenly, I felt him thrust, hard and powerful. I winced in pain and pleasure. He broke out of his role again and asked me if I wasn’t in pain. I replied that I wasn’t.

“Good.” he said, before he thrusted again, even harder. And again, and again, harder, faster… until I could take it no more.

“Oh Master!” I cried out as I came. He continued till he came.

“Oh Jade!”

I felt his warm seed flowing inside me. Fuck. Like coming home.

“You called me Jade.” I said, as he caught his breath.

“Yeah. Sorry for that. I’m the worst dom ever, aren’t I?”

“That’s alright, babe. I’d probably suck at it too. Will you do me a favor and untie me?”

He untied me and cuddled me, as a bit of aftercare, I guess.

He realised something. “This is the first time we’ve slept together. Oh my God, I tied you up and called you Slave on our first time together.”

I burst out laughing. “Shit, this isn’t what I expected.”

“But was it good?”

“Yes. Weird, but good. It felt good to be bound.”

And it did.

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  1. Sweet and funny. :o)


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