You may have noticed the site’s new background color. Don’t worry, this dark hue is only temporarily (unless you like it, then I’ll keep it).

As I said to friends, even an ex-Whovian can be brought to bits by the death of a loved one. Today, Elizabeth Sladen died at the age of 63. Elizabeth Sladen played the Doctor’s iconic companion Sarah Jane Smith on Dr. Who. She came into our life as Jon Pertwee’s companion and stayed with him even after he regenerated to Tom Baker.

She won a genereation’s hearts and did that exact same thing again for the New Whovians when she appeared on the episode ‘School Reunion’ together with then Doctor David Tennant and another icon in the Whoniverse, her robot dog K9. She went on to her own show, The Sarah Jane Adventures and got the kids on her side too.

But alas, all good stories must end some day. And today, it is with deepest regrets that I bid farewell to the People’s Heroine of Who.

Miss Sladen, you will leave a temporal void in our hearts. And when I see the brightest star in the sky, I will think of you. Because that’s what you are, a bright star. Thank you, Elizabeth. We won’t forget you.

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