Cool creds

First of all: Danny Wylde actually answered me on Twitter! Not only is he a major hottie, he was also kind enough to end his tweet with KISSES! I said I fell for him whilst reading his interview with Rachel Rabbit White (which you can read on her site) on sex positivity in porn. It shines through that he is a genuinely nice guy, with a very interesting opinion on the matter.

Second of all: I’m trying to work on a new approach for my novel. As if you didn’t know already…

Third: I totally forgot two special occasions for this blog!

Yesterday, we passed 5000 visitors! That is a true landmark for this site, and to reach it in two months… I feel so flattered that people actually deem my blog worthy to have a glance at. For those of you who stumbled here, welcome to my little corner of the web! Expect loads of exiting stuff in the coming weeks, as I am going in for gastric bypass surgery next week and, yes, I will be taking my puter with me to t’hospital. Now here’s hoping I get a room with a nice view and an internet connection.

And, also, the 15th marked the big two month anniversary of the site! I can’t believe it’s been two months since I decided to vent about leaving school. How wonderful that I actually powered through the mess. And I came out stronger. Thank you for sticking with me through everything. Here’s to another two months of sex and randomness.

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