Solid O

Jeesh, that was an orgasm and a half. I was studying some videos on squirting (watching that Cytheria woman is like watching Old Faithful) and… yeah, I got quite aroused.

So, I took my pants off. Played around with my hot pussy (and I mean that literally, because it was quite toasty down there) for a bit, and then got out the Pin. But I didn’t touch the Pin at first. I tried to find my G all by myself (like the brave girl I am) and did hit something in there, but not enough for me not to want to be fucked by the Pin. So, I thrust that thing inside me, fooled around with it a bit and then got out the Magic Twosome, aka my two masturbation fingers (if you are wondering, it’s the second and third finger on my right hand) and worked the clit.

And before long, I came. Squirting. Again. I still don’t know if that’s the sensation you are meant to feel when you are having a true G orgasm. Guess the only way to find out is to get me that vibe I saw.

By the way, I was lying on top of my blanket. It is now wet. Still, it was less warm than lying under the fucker…

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