You were sitting naked on my bed. Grinning like a mad woman.

“Let me watch you.”

“Pardon?” I said, not quite listening. Too busy admiring your beautiful, curvy body. Tentatively touching it, pulling away, not wanting to bruise that perfect flesh with my rough fingers.

“Let me watch you. I want to see you touch yourself. I want to see you get off.”

I swallowed. I’ve never done anything like it before. Didn’t quite know if I’d feel comfortable.

“Ayls, I don’t know.” I said, my voice trembling a bit. “It’s so private. I’ve never masturbated for anyone before.”

You smiled. I knew that you loved me saying the word “masturbated”. Something in the accent, you always said.

“I’d just feel so exposed.” I whispered.

I knew you were getting a bit cross with me. I could see it in your eyes.

“Jase, it’s just wanking. And it’s just me. I’m not asking you to do something ridiculously complicated, am I? Besides, I guarantee you, it would make me go bonkers with desire.”

“Ayls, I don’t think…”

You shut me up by pulling down my boxers. To my own surprise, my cock was reacting. I had to face it. This idea may have turned me on more than I was willing to admit.

“Babe, for fuck’s sake. It would make me so hot, it would turn me on so much. Please, do me a favor..”

You smiled at me, looking so kind. “I’ll do it for you, if you do it for me.”

That made me grin. “Alright, you’re on.”

You placed yourself at the end of the bed, and made yourself comfortable. I did the same, nervously lying back on the soft cushions.

I started by gently stroking my cock, which you had nicknamed my “soldier of love.” I quite liked that nickname. Made me feel like a proper man.

You watched, studying the way the “soldier” became hard under my feather-light strokes. I half expected you to lower your glasses and mumble “Mmm. Interesting.” like a doctor studying a test subject. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable. I don’t do well under pressure.

And you noticed it.

“Close your eyes.” you said. “Imagine it’s me touching you. If that’ll help.”

I did.

I imagined your hand wrapped around my cock, skilfully sliding up and down the shaft, never forgetting the head. I relaxed under the spell of that fantasy.

Your next trick was even better. Replacing your hands with your lips. I could just feel that hot mouth on me, that devil tongue licking every inch of warm, throbbing flesh.

I could hear myself moaning your name. Under the influence of the fantasy, I slurred a string of words together.

“Ayls… please fuck me, can’t.. fuck.. your mouth.. so hot…fuuuuuuck.”

The pleasure was unbearable. I could feel my stomach tighten, my balls twitch, every single bit of me was reacting to my imagination.

“Good. Come for me.” you said. “Be a good boy and come for me.”

The words triggered a release like no other. So you see where imagination could take you. I came in hot spurts, all over my stomach.

I opened my eyes and saw you grinning.

“Did… did you like it?” I stuttered, out of breath and sticky with jizz.

“I loved it.” you said, crawling towards me.

Then, I got what I wanted. Your hot tongue on my skin, licking off my cum.

You. You always bring out the best in me. The best in everything. You are the one.

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  1. Wow! I loved that. It took me a while to get used to you writing from the male perspective. But you are describing my favourite fantasy just as if you could get inside my head. :o)

    • Hark at my freaky mind reading powers :p

      If you liked it, you should deffo read my story The Beach, which is from Jase’s point of view as well. It’s a challenge getting under his skin, but I find him fascinating to write about…


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