This week’s Wank Wednesday prompt is “shield”. Now, excuse me if this is absolute rubbish, but I have slept all day long, and am on what my doctor called “horse strength medication” so I can get better for Thursday. I haven’t eaten much, save for chicken and some chocolate. I feel miserable. But being miserable doesn’t mean I can’t provide you with your weekly smut.

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“I have these strange fantasies.” I say one day. We’re sitting in the kitchen, discussing random stuff over breakfast. And I don’t know why, but I feel the need to confess this to my friend.

“I’m sure you’re not the only one.” Jase says, whilst absent-mindedly munching on a bacon and egg sarnie. He’s obviously in a completely different head space than me.

“About men.” I say, trying to lure his attention. “Sexy fantasies.”

“Sure, loads of women have sexy fantasies.” he replies. “Loads of men do too. God knows I do.”

“But you fantasize about Carey Mulligan, and all those other foxy actresses. My fantasy is different.”

He puts down his sarnie and faces me.

“So tell me, who do you fantasize about?”

“A knight.”

He chuckles. “What, King Arthur? Or is Lancelot more your thing?”

“Oi, don’t laugh!”

“Do you imagine you’re Guinevere, or something like that? Kinky action on The Round Table? Gang bang with all the knights?”

I all but smack him dead in the face.

“One knight! Just the one!” I cry out.

“I’m sorry. Now, come on. Fess up.”

I take a deep breath. And then I tell him.

“It’s a modern fairytale, really. But none of that gooey shite, romance novel sort of thing. It’s… steamy.”

“Ooh.” he says. “Steamy, even. Now you’ve got my attention. Do carry on.”

“He’s just… so hot. Not handsome in a traditional way, but just hot like fire.”

“Keep going.”

“Beautiful, amber eyes and a cheeky smile. A body to die for. And he’s so kind. He’s a genuine hero. Not a knight in a traditional, knight-in-shining-armor. Think your typical action hero.”

“And what does this man do that turns you on?”

“Well… he defends me. Shields me from danger. I imagine someone bastard or bitch edging in on me and then he swoops in. Not that I can’t fend for myself, I mean, I can, but he is just so heroic. He steps in and fends them off. Defends me. Fights for me.”

“And what does he do next?”

He appears to be transfixed with what I’m saying. Getting lost in the moment. Which I never expected from Jase. Not in this particular fantasy.

“He takes me to his “castle”. Throws me on the bed. And fucks me.”

His eyes nearly drop out of their sockets. I laugh. I had clearly got his attention. He swallows and whispers that I should carry on.

“Ok, so imagine this. I’m in this lily-white, long dress. He rips it apart. Under it, I’m wearing my devil-red corset and knickers. He deftly undoes the corset to reveal my buxom bosom. Then, he rips open my knickers, and throws me on the bed. By the way, there is a lot of fabric-ripping going on here. It’s that good.”

“That good.” he repeats silently.

“His shirt is already undone. He takes it off and reveals the most impressive muscles. Amazing pecs, fantastic abs, you name it, he’s got it. Takes off his shoes, takes off his trousers. And the amazing thing is… he’s not wearing underpants. And his cock… Oh, Jase, his cock is to die for.”

He swallows uncomfortably and shifts in his seat. “Shouldn’t you be telling this to Jade?”

“Oh, Jade knows about this. Anyway, he crawls onto the bed and then… the best sex of my life. He knows every move, every single trick in the book of sex. His touch is electrifying, his kiss is stupendously terrific. His lips taste like spun sugar, for some reason. Anyway, that’s my fantasy. What do you think?”

“I think I want to be that knight. I want to rescue you, sweep you off your feet and then throw you on the bed and fuck you mercilessly. I’d be good, you know. But until you realise that, I will wait. ” I think.

I shift on my chair, trying to douse the fire in my loins. Yes, embarrassingly enough, I am now sporting a hard-on. I can’t help it. I am intoxicated by her voice, by her words. I can’t help thinking, maybe it’s sheer ego, or maybe there is truth in it.. is it me she’s fantasizing about? I would shield her from danger.

I would die for her.

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  1. Hi, not sure if you saw my post yesterday, please can you add a live link back to the original prompt post on my blog:
    As of this week any entries not maintaining a link back to the original post will b e removed.


  2. Lovely piece of writing…..I love the ending


  3. You have a real talent for playful dialogue. Another sweet story. Although I was a bit confused at first by the change of character view at the end. I thought, “She’s fantasising about a knight, and now she has a hard cock…er, wait a minute, that can’t be right…” :oP

    • I wanted to do that throughout the entire story, but I just pasted that on at the end. Not one of my finest moments, by the way :p

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