Pins (for Fuck Me Friday)

The original page is right over here. The prompt is Pin. Let me have a little look to see what I can do with it… In the meantime, meet Miles, Jase’s co-worker at Chiroccos, a club. Again, we go at it from Jase’s point of view.


“So, my best friend is coming over today.” said Miles. I didn’t even pay attention. I was, for no particular reason, very concentrated on washing out these champagne flutes.

“You should meet her, she’s right up your ally.”

“You trying to set me up, Bellamy?”

“Not at all, I just think you should meet her.”

“What’s she like?” I said, still more concentrated on the flutes than on what Miles had to say. It had been a long and hard day and I wanted my shift to end as quickly as possible.

“Mad as a hatter. Smile to die for. You’ll see it when she comes in.”

“I’m sure I will.”


Miles had disappeared to get something from the storage lock up. For what seemed like hours..

I was left to my own devices to serve a bunch of insane women who, apparently, were wildly attracted to me. They seemed drunk, so I gave them water. Much to their dismay, of course.

The women left to get a table at the other end of the dance floor, and I was alone again. Good, now I can concentrate on washing the flutes all over again. Honestly, some people are just messy clods.

I put down one flute and sighed. This shift.. hell.

Until the door caught my eye. People streaming into the club, three at a time. I didn’t know why, but something told me to keep staring at the door.

That’s when SHE came in. 

My jaw dropped. In had walked the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen.

Long, ginger hair. Killer smile. Pins that go on for ages. And fuck me, that dress she was wearing… It was red and clingy and put her amazing curves on show. I was entranced by her tits, her perfect looking tits in that perfect dress.

I felt all the blood rushing towards my cock. Shit. Not here, not now.

She chose her spot on the dance floor (right in front of me, I might add) and started grooving away to a song I recognised as being by Mint Royal and that girl from the telly, Lauren Laverne.

Luckily, at that point, no one had deemed to come to the bar. I wouldn’t have been capable to serve them something without dropping it on the floor. I had the shakes.

Her sensual moves put me in quite the state. My cock was now officially hard. I cursed. I can’t let anyone find me here with a hard cock, because I may or may not, lets assume the former, get sacked. And I’ve only been working here for three weeks…

Then, at one point, she turned around to face me. She caught my eye. And she smiled. The angel smiled, and all was right with the world again. She winked at me. Not a salacious, come-and-get-me wink, but one of those very cheeky ones that get me in the mood even harder.

All sorts of naughty stuff was running through my brain. That mouth of hers, plump and rose-red, on my cock, licking my head and kissing the shaft until I could do no more. Those eyes, those entrancing eyes, looking up at me, a flicker of a smile as she inserts one well-lubricated finger inside my arse. Everything I never did and always wanted to do. And I wanted to do it with her.

The song ended. And that’s when she decided to walk over to me. Those pins carrying her over the dance floor, towards the bar. I was on the verge of collapsing. What the hell should I do now? Ok, Mr. Cavanah, play it cool.

“You look like you could use a drink.” I said, trying not to stutter.

“Bloody hell, I sure can! Something fresh, please. You can choose, you know more about this than me, I think.”

I grinned. I know exactly what to serve her.

In one minute flat, I produced what I thought to be the perfect, fresh drink for her.

“One Mojito for the lady.”

“Brilliant! Thank you.” she said, as she carefully sipped the glass. “Ooh, nice and strong, just the way I like it. What’s your secret?”

“Just put loads of mint in there and you’ll be fine. You asked for fresh, I delivered.”

“Cheers, mate. And you do them so quickly.”

“Bartended my way through uni. Trust me, I know the moves. So, what brings a fine lady like yourself to this neck of Camden?”

“I live close by. I’m supposed to be meeting someone here.”

Shit. Of course, a babe like that would be waiting for someone.

“Ehm… you might know him, he works here. Miles Bellamy?”

The penny dropped. “You’re Miles’s best friend?”

Speaking of the devil, Miles walked in at that exact moment.

“Elin!” he yelled out in surprise.

“Hi bunny!” she said, blowing a kiss towards him. Bunny? I’ll have to ask him later.

“I see you’ve met my fine colleague?” said Miles enthusiastically.

“Not properly.” she said, sticking out her hand. “Elin Murphy. Pleasure to drink your Mojito.”

I took her hand and shook it. “Jase Cavanah, pleasure to serve you one.”


I couldn’t get her out of my mind that night. I went home with such filthy thoughts in my head, I should never tell anyone.

Lying on my bed that night, after a long and tiring shift, I let it all rush over me. The thought of her, her Irish lilt that bewitched me so, her hell-green eyes, her red hair and that mouth. And THAT DRESS…

I felt myself getting hard at the thought of the little red number. I slid my hand under the waistband of my boxers and started stroking my cock. Ever so slightly, because I was dead tired. But then, all these images became even stronger. I just couldn’t help seeing myself, underneath her, my cock deep inside that quite possibly wet and wanting pussy.

I came crying out her name. It would be the first of many night in which this scenario repeated itself.

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  1. A great piece of your story. You write the male point of view really well. The only thing is that I’m getting confused about how the different parts of the story fit together. I thought Elin and Jase were friends who became lovers in previous stories, or am I getting someone mixed up with someone else? Very sexy anyway. :o)

  2. No, you’re totally right, these are WAAAAAY out of their chronological order.

    Elin and Jase meet for the first time in this story, and through current and future stories evolve from friends to lovers. I will put them up in their right order soon. It’s confusing even me and I’m the bloody writer…


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