Some bullet points as to what I’ve been up to in the past few days:

  • My computer broke and it got fixed again
  • I graduated from eating only pudding to eating semolina as well
  • I’m supremely sleepy
  • EUROVISIIIIOOOOOOOOOOONN!! All together now: Dam dam dadadam dam daaaaam dam dam…

I’m geeking out. Tomorrow, Belgium and Holland are trying out for the finals, but it’s not looking so good for us.

I know you probably want me to post about the hospital times, but I need to process some shit. That was a heavy week. I really met myself lying in that bed, on that drip, in pain from the anastethic.

Weight loss has been going smoothly. 11 kilos and counting. People are beginning to notice, apparently. I don’t. I still see “HEIFFER”.

I’m going to go to bed now, after watching some make over shows.

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