Blue (for Fuck Me Friday)

Link to the prompt page over here. Blue is the color and also the prompt, so let our Little Stories characters inform you on the merits of blue…

This time round, the origin of Miles’s relationship with new character Charlie is revealed.


The strobe lights in the club were blue tonight. I was dancing with Elin to a song I don’t know, but I didn’t care. I felt strangely liberated. Every fibre of my being was shouting out “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

Coming out as gay was not at all a bad thing to do. It made me look at the world differently. It changed me.

Last weekend, I came out to my parents, who took it rather well. To my own surprise, I must say. My dad told me that he was proud of me for finally being myself. My mum said she loved me no matter what. Everything felt brilliant now.

“Miles.” whispered Elin. “You’ve got an admirer.”


“Bloke in the red shirt.”

I looked over to the crowd and spotted at least eleven guys in a red shirt.

“And more specifically, Ayls?”

“Red shirt, dark blonde hair, cute glasses. Well built, that…”

I looked again. And indeed, right across the floor, there was a man looking our way. He winked.

“Wow. Looking at me?”

“Don’t you see? Wave at the nice man, Miles.”

“Are you off your flaming rocker?” I hissed.

But it was too late. Elin had waved. And with a very confident stride, he walked across the dance floor, towards us.

“Hello. I’m Charlie.” he said, as he took his place between us.

“Hi Charlie. This is my friend Miles, and he would love to dance with you!” Elin chirped.

“Elin!” I said, dead embarrassed. “Yeah, well, I’m Miles…”

“Nice to meet you. Well, I should warn you, I’m a professional latin dancer.”

And it was as if the heavens cleared up and an angelic choir chorused “Hallelujah” enthusiastically. I LOVE latin dancing. I am a salsa freak.

“Do you salsa?”

“I’m an instructor. I live salsa.” he said, sounding awfully cocky.

“Show me.” I dared him, dragging him onto the floor. I could just make out Elin’s wicked smile. I hope to God that I don’t regret this.


Charlie had the moves alright. He spun me around the floor like the pro he was.

After the song was over, Charlie decided that he wanted to buy me a drink, so, he took me to his table and bought me a coke. I drank it in one whole slug.

“You must have been thirsty.” he noted.

“Hot men make me do terrible things.” I said.

“Do you think I’m hot?”

“I think you are… terribly hot. And I don’t know what to do about that because I’m totally new to this.”

“New to this? Never hit on a man before?”

“No. Just came out.”

“Ooh, how exciting! Congratulations and…welcome to the club, I guess.”

“Thank you.” I smiled. This was going great. Nice, smooth talker, easy on the eye. An ace in my book.

“So… you’ve not slept with a man before?” he said, edging closer towards me.

“No..and I must say, I’m not feeling very comfortable at the moment.”

“Oh… well, what can I do to make you more comfortable? Wait! I know. Come with me, to the back.”

Shit. SHIIIIIIIIT, what the fuck was he going to do? He wasn’t going to fuck me, was he? I’m SO not ready for that.

I followed him to the back of the club, to a very dark corner, which I knew as Sinners Corner, for the sheer amount of oral sex given there in recent years. Hey, I’ve worked here long enough to know…

“Charlie, what are you…” I managed to utter, before he started kissing me. My first gay kiss. It felt like I’ve never been kissed before. Everything is new now. I get to live it all over again. Second chances… and he tasted like the cherry from his cocktail.

I couldn’t help it. I moaned. It was a beautiful moment, like being born again. And it put a little tingle in my belly. I almost wanted him to commit an act of wanton debauchary, right here, where sinners come to love each other.

And then, he whispered in my ear… “Do you want to come back to my place?”

“Charlie… I’m not ready.” I whispered back.

“That’s ok. We’ll just see where the night takes us.”


In the taxi, on the way to his house, I was silent. I couldn’t ignore the sudden longing that had placed itself in the pit of my gut, but I wanted it to go away. I’m not ready, I’m not ready.

The taxi pulled up to an impressive house in Knightsbridge. As we exited, I marvelled at the beautiful place that Charlie called home.

“Is this all yours?” I asked.

“Yep. Inherited it from my granddad.” he said, whisking me inside.

It was even more impressive on the inside. I sat down on a beautiful, inky – black couch, surrounded by little knickknacks that looked very valuable. The house looked magical.

“Where did you get all these things?” I queried.

“Going antiques-shopping in between contests. Dance takes me everywhere. The statuette you’re looking at is from Asia.” 

I looked intrigued at the little Buddha statuette, which fascinated me because the Buddha had the brightest of smiles.

“I thought Buddha didn’t smile.” I said.

“No, but in Manloo Antiques it did, so I took it with me. Love that statue.”

“Manloo?” I chuckled. “Was there a Girlloo as well?”

This made him laugh. The ice felt broken, so now, he could have his wicked way with me, or whatever he had planned to do whilst here in his digs.

“Charlie… why did you bring me here?”

“Don’t laugh. I quite like you. And I want to get to know you.” he said, edging closer to me. “And you have the best lips, by the way.”

“You too.” I shyly admitted, before he drew me into another kiss. We spent a good twenty minutes on that couch, making out. And every time his lips hit mine, I felt a need, a want. Ah bugger, let me just say it. I want him.

“Charlie, please.” I moaned. “Do something.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Ehm… do what your instinct tells you to do.”

“Alright, but you need to tell me when to stop.”

But I didn’t stop him. I didn’t stop him, as he kissed his way down my chest to my lower belly, which was all a flutter.

He looked up at me. “Do you want this?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

He went on and undid my zipper. Then, he pulled down my boxers and revealed my very hard cock. Shit. This was really going to happen. Any second now, I’ll have a man’s lips on me.

And then it happened. He licked the head of my cock and whispered: “Such a fine piece of craftsmanship. Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.”

He was careful, licking and sucking the delicate flesh, never forgetting the head and paying attention to it as if it was a precious artefact.

“Oh shit, Charlie, that’s good.” I moaned, as he continued. Then, he did something amazing. He hummed. I nearly broke the couch, tearing at the black leather.

He broke away for a moment, and asked me if I was enjoying it. I nearly shoved his face back on my cock.

No wonder I came, my hips bucking wildly, nearly smacking him dead in the face. He raised himself up, and I could see that there was a trickle of cum on his lips. He licked it off.

“You taste good.” he said. I swallowed.

“So that’s what a blow job feels like.” I said, shaking.

“Good, isn’t it? Listen… do you want to stay the night? I mean, going home now… It’s so dark outside…”

“Yeah. Yeah, I want to stay.”

And I really did. I really did.


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  1. Cherry Sweets

     /  May 13, 2011

    Great story. Mixed desire with uncertainty – just right.

  2. Bryan (@BryanBuekens)

     /  December 9, 2011

    You just wrote down my dream/fantasy and it is Hhhhhhhhhot

  3. Bryan (@BryanBuekens)

     /  December 9, 2011

    where? you got really good stories, but I can’t find them ones I’m looking for


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