Sex and the loss of it

You may have noticed the lack of funny and fuzzy masturbation stories on this website lately. Well, what’s been going on with my sex life isn’t so funny and fuzzy.

I’m having another bout of anorgasmia (I don’t know if it is just that, but it sure feels like that). Which sucks, of course. I’ve tried masturbating twice since the operation and to no avail.

Losing the ability to pleasure myself is a hard thing. I went through just that a year ago. Here’s a little back story about me. I suffered from depression and took pills. Because of those pills, I lost the ability to feel aroused. One night, when masturbating, I found that it took too long for me to come and that it was a very unpleasant feeling. I thought a vibrator would cure my itch, but it stayed the same. For six months, I couldn’t masturbate. I told my doc and my psychiatrist and they took me off the damaging pill. Since then, I’ve been able to come again, but now it’s gone again.

And I miss it. Masturbation is an important part of my life. It is a sort of escape from the daily dredge and my sorrows. I wonder if it’s normal to feel so attached to something so simple. I preach masturbation to all my friends, because it is GREAT. If I could build a shrine for it, I would. I would sacrifice the contents of my bank account to masturbation.

If this continues, I need to see a doctor again. Maybe finally make that dreaded trip to the gynaecologist.

I’m desperate, can you tell?

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  1. Oh I love masturbation too, although recently I have been doing too much of that in the absence of His touch but I can’t imagion NOT being able to, I can understand your desperation completely.



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