I couldn’t resist a continuation of last night’s masturbation session.

So, what did I do? By chance, we had some batteries lying downstairs, so I popped a fresh one in my Pin.

I inserted it, thrusted a few times, before deciding that my wrists were sore. Then, I worked my clit. Hanging on the edge for minutes, and then going right over, squirting and leaving a nice little stain on my mattress. Yeah, I could get used to that routine.

I’m nice and sweaty now. Makes for one hell of a work-out, by the way.

And it replaces food nicely. If I masturbate every day for the next three weeks… yeah, it’s a win-win situation.

Let me explain. I can’t eat full solid food for another three weeks. I am living on mash. Which sucks. But not really, because I quite like mash. Yet, I can’t help but think about a massive steak…

By the way, James Deen can have my virginity. Wrapped in a nice little package with a bow around it.

But he has to share with Jason.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve got your pussy purring once more.

    Maybe Jason needs to make “Crank 3”, a film in which he has to fuck you once an hour or his dick will drop off. :oP


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