Where is my big strong savior on a white horse? I wonder every day.

Today, shit hit the fan with my grandparents. AGAIN. She is threatening to tell secrets about us.

I want to be rescued. I want a big, strong man to come and knock on my door and whisk me away to paradise and beyond. I can’t take this shit anymore. If I could, I’d be running as fast as I can. I’d be moving abroad, like I always wanted to.

I’m so sick of my life. Sometimes, I wish I was born to another family.

Sex, and the thought of it, is the only thing that is keeping me on my feet. I want to run away. I want to masturbate myself into a stupor. They say masturbation helps with sadness. I might never come out of my room again.

If anyone wants to help me escape, please do. Drop me a line. Stand by me. Please.

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