Smell (for Fuck Me Friday)

Another week, another sensation for Fuck Me Friday. This time, it’s “smell”. If you want to participate, you can do so here.



On Monday, he brought me lavender. The entire house smelled like the Provence. I took some of it and made a lavender-chocolate tarte for him, as a thank you. We fed each other the tart.

“This is as delicious as you are.” he said

He kissed me so passionately that night that I had to sit down for a while after that. I was just too dizzy…


On Tuesday, he brought me a big sunflower. “For my girl. Because you bring the sun to my heart.”

I nearly fainted from the sheer volume of romance.


On Wednesday, he surprised me in the shower, with a new shower gel that smelled like chocolate.

I took the liberty to soap him down and relished this oppertunity to touch his athletic body again. I ran my hands over his shoulders, his pecs, his gorgeous stomach and his pert, muscular bottom.

By the time I finished with him, his cock was proudly erect and wanting more.

Of course we fucked in the shower. Our wet bodies coming together, the feeling of the water trickling down my skin… electrifying.


On Thursday, there was a bundle of Forget-Me-Not on the table when I came home from work. He was in the kitchen, cooking something terribly complicated.

He had a flower behind his ear.

This time, it was my turn to surprise him. I snuck up behind him and pinched his bum. Cheeky minx, me.

He fed me what he had cooked, naked on the couch. I felt like a goddess being fed by one of her underlings.

Later on, this goddess made her underling eat her out. The things Jase can do with his tongue… Amazing.


On Friday, he brought me a bouquet of lilies. They smelled like summer.

He took a lily and caressed my naked skin with it. We spent hours in our bed, lazing about, playing with the lilies.

The sensation was immaculate.

The love-making that followed, was not.


On Saturday, it rained. We got caught in the rain and returned home soaking wet.

We dried each other off.

When the rain stopped, we went for a walk outside. The air smelled like rain.

It was a magic moment. It made us kiss in the middle of Leicester Square. People looked, but I didn’t care. I had my man with me.


On Sunday, he finally caved. He brought me red roses.

I was so moved by the fact that he had bought me my favorite flowers, that I took him to the bedroom.

We shagged, made love, fucked, anything you’d like to call it. We just did it together. I felt connected to my lover.

My lover.

My boyfriend.

My soulmate.

The man who buys me roses and then tells me I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.

I love him.

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  1. Eroticmoonbeam

     /  June 17, 2011

    Oh Wonderful! I love this!!!

  2. That was a very sweet read – I loved the progression. Specially the roses…


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