The title of this post is just a word I was thinking of…

In my everlasting quest for my g-spot, I think I’ve hit a breakthrough. In the shape of a new vibrator!

On a trip to the city, I (accompanied by my sidekick, Mum) went into a sex shop. It’s a pretty good shop, I think. I used to live in the city and it was already there back then.

I found what I was looking for. A triple whammy! “Superflirt” by Tracey Cox, a new vibrator and a porn gem: Chemistry Vol. 3 by Tristan Taormino.

The new vibrator is a Fun Factory Dinky Digger, which looks like this


It is more commonly known as The Mole or in Dutch “Het Molleken”. Apparently, it’s one of the best things in the world ever. The little nose should be perfect for g-spot and clit stimulation.

And it’s holding a flower! Awww…

I’ve been looking for one of these since forever. I nearly bought one last year, but cancelled the order.

The “Superflirt” book may come in handy soon… just sayin’.

I’m dead excited about watching Chemistry, cos it looks amazing. Plus, it was a real find! That store should really carry more female-oriented porn. I was in two mind about buying a copy of porn classic “Pirates”, but I heard it’s four hours long and I’m not into shit that takes four hours. Can anyone tell me if it’s a good buy?

There was a Candida Royalle film for sale, but I need to come back to that when I go back on Sunday.

My mystery benefactor for this kinky care package will be greatly thanked come Monday, I think. That is, if the Dinky Digger is what they made it out to be…

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