Mole in the Hole

So, I told you about my latest attempt to further my research on the subject matter of squirting and g-spot business. Well, I’m happy to report that tonight, I got ABSOLUTELY ZILCH result. 

I’m going to back up for a minute and take you to our trip to the sex shop. Embarassingly enough, my dad drove us there. He smelled like shaved lamb, which was disgusting. I asked to go to the shop alone, because I didn’t like my dad meddling with this particularily delicate transaction, but get this. My dad wanted to go with me to protect me from potential perverts who want to feel me up.  

It’s a sex shop dad! Not Stringfellow’s!

Eventually he agreed on my mum going with me, which, always the best option. He went to get something to eat, as we toddled off to the shop. The guy behind the counter was very nice and not at all a creepy perv. He very generously selected his best lube and toycleaner for me (Pjur, awesome, also used in films). I picked a red version of the Dinky Digger.

Also purchased was, as mentioned in the last post, Chemistry Volume 3. More on that later. Anyway, in the meanwhile, it started fucking raining outside, and we got soaked. Ate a panini.

I quickly retreated to my room and popped in the film. Laughed my little arse off. Enamoured with Roxy DeVille and Jada Fire. Derrick plays World of Warcraft! (or Dungeons and Dragons, I already forgot)

Midway into the second scene, Digger came out. I lubed it up and inserted it. IT HURT! I thought the pleasure was going to come from the perky nose, but there are more details on it, like the flower it’s holding and the dirt it’s popping out from, and that shit hurt! Thrusting was not pleasurable.

However, I did squirt without cumming. Which was nice, because I had a towel at hand. I had to bring in the trusty Pin, and let it sit on my clit for a while. After about seven years of thrusting, wriggling and everything but the donkey, I put the pin inside me and put the perky nose on my clit and after seven more years (all of them shitty) I came. Briefly. It was meh.

I now fucking hate every single vibrator that is not the Pin.

I’m going to chill out, catch up on Popstar to Operastar, and not think about masturbating.

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  1. I know it sounds stupid, but I don’t really like g spot orgasms. I prefer other places. so I mostly ignore my g spot. They’re not bad, just weird.

  2. I think I’m too obsessed with finding my g spot. Just sayin’…

    I do wish to have just one, so I know how it feels like. Then I can move on and do other stuff.

  3. I highly suggest the Nubby G. I bought it at a sexy toy party. But, I think you could find it with an online search.

  4. Thanks Linda, I’ll definitely look into that 🙂


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