View Divine (for Fuck Me Friday)

Seems all I do these days is post stories. Nothing much exciting going on in my life, except the regular exchanges with E Mail Man.

On we soldier, to another Fuck Me Friday, and the prompt “View“. How about a picnic to suit your needs?

View Divine

“Blimey, this view is amazing!” I cried out.

“I knew you’d like it.” he grinned. He had taken me to a nameless hillside in a park near his parents’ house, for a picnic. He had told me that the view was quite spectacular and I was happy to find out that he hadn’t lied.

He spread the checkered blanket and unpacked the picnic basket, while I sat down and admired what lay before me. You could see the entire city from that humble hill.

“Can I interest you in a glass of red wine?” he asked me.

“Sure, I’d love some.”

He poured me a glass and I happily accepted it.

“A toast. To us. Because we make one hell of a couple.”

I gladly toasted to this. We had been together for a year now, and everything was perfect. Jase is everything I could have wished for in a boyfriend.

He was also a really fantastic cook, which had convinced Jade and Hester that he was the one for me. If there was one thing I could appreciate in a bloke, it was cooking skills.

He unpacked a loaf of herby foccacia bread and cut me off a slice. I tasted it, and let out a moan of appreciation.

“Crikey, that is fantastic.”

“All made with these two hands.” he said, raising his hands and showing them to me, like I didn’t know them. I know those hands. And every day I ‘m with Jase, I get more convinced that those hands can actually perform magic.

After loads more of the foccacia, and a good helping of red wine, Jase stood up from his place.

“What’s this?” I said.

“Elin, sweetheart. I have to ask you something. Stand up for a second.”

I did what I was told to do. It didn’t click right away. I didn’t have the slightest idea of what he was going to do.

He took hold of my hands and said: “Babe. I can’t express how much I love you in mere words. But, as always, I’m going to do my damn best to try. When you told me you loved me too, my heart leapt with joy. I’ve loved you, admired you, lusted after you for so many years. And to finally be able to hold you in my arms… I never want to let you go. So…”

He fumbled with something in his pocket. It wasn’t until I saw what it was, and what it made him do, that I realised what he was going to do.

As he got down on one knee and opened the little red box, my heart leapt.

“Elin Murphy… will you do me the honor of being my bride? Will you marry me?”

“Holy shit!” I cried out. “Of course I will!”

He beamed at me and slipped the ring on my finger. Then, he stood up again, and hugged me.

“I love you so much!” he cried out. “And I promise I’ll be a good husband.”

“And I’ll be a good wife!”


We hugged and kissed for minutes on end.

After a while, we lay down on the blanket and had more red wine.

“I can’t believe we’re getting married.” I said, sloshed on red wine. “That’s like, a really cool thing to do!”

“Are you drunk?” Jase giggled.

“I may or may not be…”

“We better stop drinking the wine.”

“I have a better idea… you wanna shag?”

“What? Here? There are other people in the vicinity, you lush!”

I rolled on top of him, which made him giggle again. “Other people should shag to, it’s great!”

“Whilst I don’t doubt that shagging is great, I don’t think we should do it here.”

I shushed him by kissing him hard. He kissed me back. It felt so forbidden and so good, in this public place.

“Mmmm.. on the other hand..” he moaned. Then, he rolled over, so that I was on the bottom. He got to work on his zipper and hiked up my nothingness of a skirt, under which I was wearing the flimsiest of panties. He pulled them aside and positioned himself so that he could enter me without a glitch.

When he did finally enter me, I did my best not to cry out. He covered my mouth with his hand, which felt quite kinky.

He moved now, back and forth, back and forth, keeping his hand on my mouth. I tried to restrain myself from screaming out his name, the name of the love of my life, my future husband.

He became almost animalistic in his movements, like a panther eyeing his prey. His growls were primal, his thrusts manic.

It didn’t take me long to come. My screams were muffled by his hand. He came too, his hot seed spilling inside me.

He collapsed on the grass, moments later.

“Jesus, that was good.” he whispered hoarsely.

“Promise me that, when we’re married, the sex will stay this good.” I said, breathlessly.

“Pïnky swear.” he said, hooking his pinky in mine.

We cleared up our space and headed over to his folks’ house to tell them the good news.

I’m engaged to the love of my life. Surely, that’s amazing?

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