The Tryst Routine

The smell of sex was in the air that night. She relished it, wanted to taste it. Out on the prowl, giving herself over to the night.

In the dark, hot basement, the party was in full swing. She moved through the crowd, in search of something unsaid.

Bass thumping, semi-clad bodies writhing in time to the music. The heat was palpable.

She had made her way to the bar, and was busy ordering a Screaming Orgasm when a presence made itself known by her side.

Drink in hand, she turned around to look at the man. He smiled at her. Winked.

She winked back, put down her drink and went with him. It was their code.

He took her hand and lead her outside, all the way to the beach in front of the club.

After they found a secluded, dark spot, he wasted no time in kissing her. His kiss was fiery and full of intent. It made her weak in the knees.

They sank down on the warm, soft sand and kissed, as the waves crashed on the shore. It was a beautiful, starry night, perfect for doing something devious…

He rolled over so that he was on top of her. It was his turn to take control, and so help him, he would savour every minute.

He ripped open her blouse, exposing her lily-white breasts. He dove on them, licking and caressing them. They tasted of sweat and her rose perfume. Her nipples rose to attention, awakened by his gentle licks and flicks.

He kissed his way down to her stomach, licking her bellybutton. He continued his conquest, hiking up her nothing of a skirt and pulling down her flimsy panties.

She got to work on unbuttoning his pants and freeing his dick from his boxers. She admired his gorgeous instrument, hell, she worshipped it. So, reverently, she helped him inside her.

What followed was positively raunchy, at least for her norms. He thrusted, his face buried in her neck, biting down on her. She screamed, which caused a flock of seagulls to depart from their comfortable nest.

He continued to thrust, and she bucked her hips in time. It was so dirty, so unlike her, but yet, familiar.

His pace became frantic, clearly rushing to the finish before someone found them, here, on this secluded part of the beach.

It was a perfect crescendo. The feeling of his cock inside her, the cool breeze making every hair on her skin stand up, his teeth in her neck… Perfection.

She came, screaming his name.

Minutes later, he came, his hot seed spilling inside her. She relished the feeling and relaxed in the sand.

He raised himself up to her ear and said: “You wanted a screaming orgasm…”

She chuckled. He sure had given her one.

This was their routine. They would part soon after. But sure as shit they’d meet again.

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