Thursday morning musings

First of all, I am now ridiculously excited whenever E Mail Man mails me. It’s the best and takes the blah out of my day.

Second, I’m still in my bedroom, posting this. I don’t want to go downstairs! I want peace and quiet and time on my own.

Thirdly, I do not wish to share with my mum that I sort of lost my anal virginity last night. There are things that she doesn’t need to know.

Fourthly, now that I’ve kinda popped the anal cherry, I’m curious for more. Not immediately, but soon, through the course of the year. Maybe I’ll secretly invest in a buttplug and wear it to school….

Fifthly, anyone who hasn’t tried this anal lark… just do it. You don’t need a cock in there immediately, there is no need to rush things! You can ease yourself into it. Relax your muscles, use loads of lube on your index finger, and carefully slide it in. Leave it there for a few seconds, see how you like it.

But NEVER go anywhere near your pucker without loads of lube. Take auntie Dalide’s advice, girls and boys!

I might actually have to go downstairs. I think there is an argument going on… I suddenly wish it was August so that I could move in to the student housing room…

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