It started after a long talk with my shrink.

I had admitted that lately I felt uncomfortable around my mother, due to the recent awakening of my sex life. She told me that I needn’t tell everything to my mother and that I am allowed to keep my privacy.

It got me thinking about my sex life and the sides I am keen to explore. I’ve already mentioned the anal play, but now…

I’ve always been fascinated by spanking. I don’t object to people spanking my arse for a joke. Now, I’ve seriously considered asking E Mail Man to spank me. I’ve also thought about buying a whip.

I’m liking this new, strangely kinky side of me. Wondering what comes next. I don’t know much about kink and fetish though. So, if anyone is willing to educate me on the matter, please feel free to leave a comment (but only if you’re serious).

I’ve been thinking some not-like-me thoughts lately. The crazy one was “I want to be a porn star!”. Have absolutely no idea where that came from. Although, this left me with a very kinky dream about porn star Steven St. Croix…

The sane thought, and I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, was that I wouldn’t object to being a Domme. Or a Sub, I don’t know. Maybe I’d make a good Switch.

Oh, I don’t know. All I know is that I want more.

So much more…

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