Last Dance


Last Dance

It was already light outside

The party was on its last legs and there were few people still left on the dancefloor

She was tired, positively exhausted, but hanging on

Clinging to him

Needing him to hold her up

And he obliged, despite hardly being able to stand himself

“Last dance!” the DJ called

And soon, the tender strings of a familiar love theme began to play

“One more?” he whispered.

She nodded.

They began to sway, back and forth, back and forth.

It wasn’t much of a dance.

But it was their moment.

In the end, they both hobbled, arm in arm

back to their hotel.

Made lazy love all through the morning

It might have been their last dance of the night

but it was definitely not the last dance of their life.

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  1. Yes, I liked the awkwardness of the moment, the sense of teetering, the impression of drunkeness. You could use less words though, if you don’t mind me saying (and scream if you do!). Always pare down to the least words possible. x


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