First Step

Today, I took another plunge. After careful consideration, I registered on FetLife.

Fortunately, the lovely CliveServes, from the Clive’s Journey into Kink blog (which you can find on my blogroll), is also on FetLife, so I sent him a message and he happily friended me. Thanks Clive!

It’s quite fun figuring out what your kinks and fetishes are. Red heads (as is known here) and accents are among mine.

So, if you want to, you can find me on FetLife! I go by DalideBarthez there, just like here.

One more thing. I forgot to post something together with my bisexual milkmaid story the other day…

Enjoy! (This one’s for you, 10YearsIn)

(High on the hill was a lonely goatherd, lay-yodelay-yodelay-hi-hoo!)

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  1. You can find me on fetlife too listed under Clive’s friends but name on there is Pussy, feel free to friend me if you like



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