Language, Timothy!

I’ve been on FetLife for three days now, and man, it was so not what I had expected. First of all, it caters to all kinds of cool and weird fetishes I had no idea even existed. I have NEVER heard of things like fire play and mental bondage.

It got me thinking about what my own fetishes are. I discovered that I do get off on things like intelligence and eloquence, which is an interesting fact.

How does one get off on intelligence?

I also had an interesting, albeit brief exchange with fellow blogger and Twitterer Sylvanus (At Longing’s End, soon on my blogroll) on language fetish.

I like different languages and accents. I always did well on the language-related subjects in school, like Dutch and English. French was my Achilles heel, though. Even though it’s one of the country’s three languages. I liked German much better. There was something very agressive and sexual about it.

What is the language that turns me on? Well, English, basically. I like the variety in the accents.

Of course, regular readers all know who’s accent turns me on the most..

But another accent I love and cherish is Scottish. Prime example of a sexy Scottish accent is Sean Connery in the early Bond movies. In his day (and probably still) he could talk a woman out of her panties, and that is no mean feat. He exhudes a sort of Alpha Male sexuality and it is only made stronger by his commanding accent.

Another, more recent example is the delicious David Tennant. He adopts another accent for his star turn in Doctor Who, but he uses his West Lothian (is it West Lothian? I kinda forgot along the way. Feel free to correct me, Tennant fans) accent in series like Blackpool and Single Father. I have heard many a woman swoon at the sound of David’s Scottish lilt. Including myself, by the way.

English accents have a certain power over me. If it’s just right, it will turn me on like mad. I can understand why it’s a fetish. And it’s one of my favorites.

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  1. As a man, I really like when a woman’s voice almost growls at the end of her words. Not hoarse, like a dame whose been chain smoking for 35 years… but when her voice is somewhat low, and her words finish slowly and mellow with the slightest rasp. Eloquence in writing and speech is definitely a turn on for me.

  2. I, too, am a sapiosexual.

  3. There’s not really any accents I find sexy, although there are lots I like. I’m from Yorkshire; mine’s not exactly a sexy one!

    I quite like Southern US accents…

    • I don’t know, a Yorkshire accent might have it’s appeal… not that I have head one before, though.

      Southern US? I bloody love that accent. Reminds me of True Blood.


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