Close your eyes


Close your eyes

I close my eyes for a second.

God knows I need a bit of rest.

I let myself drift off to nowhere in particular.

It soon transpires that I’m dreaming again.

I’m in a room, on a bed. The same room as always, a plush room, with wall-to-wall red carpeting and a four-poster bed with white satin sheets.

I lie back and sigh happily. This is bliss.

Suddenly I become aware of a presence in the room.

“You’re back.”

It’s him again. I keep dreaming about him.

I smile at him, beckoning him closer.

It’s him alright. His dark, wild hair, emerald-green eyes and cut-glass undefinable accent make him instantly recognisable.

He walks over to the bed, where I am lying under the soft, luxurious satin.

“I’ve been thinking about you. A lot.” he says.

“Me too. Waiting for us to be together again.”

He smiles.

“Lie with me.” I say, willing to be close to him. “Take of your clothes and lie with me.”

He obliges. Slowly, carefully takes of his clothes and lays them on the ground. I admire his body. To me, he is athletic perfection, akin to a Greek god.

I open the covers and he slides under. We lie there, naked and relaxed. He turns over to me and starts to caress my face.

“I missed you.” we say at the same time. Then, we both giggle like two new lovers just getting their first taste of each other.

He leans over and kisses me on the cheek. There is a heavy silence, before the tension gets to him. He starts kissing me, with passion that could only come from him.

I kiss him back, willingly giving myself over to him. Soon, we are a blur of tangled limbs and satin duvet.

We come up for air, and I can just manage to mutter: “Take me. Please take me. You can have all of me.”

“Turn over.” he says.

I turn to my other side and feel him spread my legs. He slides his fingers between my wet lips and strokes my throbbing clit.

“No! No teasing!” I cry out.

“Why? Don’t you like this?”

“Ye..yes! But we may not have much time.”

“I see. Well, then we best get to work, shall we?” he whispers in my ear. “Get on your hands and knees.”

I happily oblige. He takes his position behind me and spreads me open. Carefully, as always, he slides his beautiful cock inside me, ever so slightly.

Then he thrusts. It’s not at all like a dream anymore. It feels so real. I feel so alive!

He thrusts harder, faster, until he’s properly pounding me. I can hear his balls slapping against my cunt.

His moves, his grunts, his ways are primal.

“Ah jesus, that feels good. Are you going to come? Are you going to spill your hot seed in my tight little cunt?” I hiss at him. In my dreams, I am excellent with the dirty talking, by the way.

“I’m going to come. Fuck me, I’m going to come!” he cries out.

And he does come. He does spill his hot seed inside me.

It makes me orgasm myself. Scream out his name.

Not long after, we’re lying in each other’s arms again.

“How long do we have?” he asks.

“Not long.”

“Then I want to tell you something. I love you.”

I smile at him.

But I can feel myself fading out. My eyes are flickering, and I see sunlight.

I open my eyes and look around. I’m back home.


For the rest of the day, I replay the dream in my head.

He loves me.

But he doesn’t exist in real life.

I sigh. How complicated can this get?

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