Absorb (Fuck Me Friday)

Another week of Fuck Me Friday, and this time, I’m running late! So, I’ll try to keep it short. Meanwhile, did you like the story I did yesterday? Good, because I’m thinking of doing a series of it. Post on that later… Meanwhile, this is for everyone who loves water!



The cold water felt good on this, the harshest day of summer. He let himself sink under the edge, just briefly, just to cool down his glowing skin.

Ah, that felt wonderful.

He had come to the tropic pool to seek relief from the daily sludge that had become his life. Water had a calming effect on him. He loved to sit by the edge of the river and watch the water ripple and flow. It came natural to him.

He decided to stay still for a while and enjoy the cool water of one of the pools. It wasn’t very crowded, so he had a spot for himself.

He closed his eyes and listened. Just listened to the sounds of the children playing, teens splashing around like fools in the water.

His eyes flashed open again. He was instinctively drawn to the other side of the pool, where he noticed a figure. He blinked, one, two times…

and couldn’t believe his eyes.

In the water was a beautiful woman. Everything from her Titianesque hair to her wicked smile, to her gorgeous curves… she was truly resplendent. He absorbed every inch of her.

And she had seen him too.

They locked eyes across the crowded pool.

It was like they were the only people in the room.

She smiled cheekily and swam towards him.

He swallowed, suddenly nervous. He could feel the blood rushing towards his crotch.

She was in front of him now. And even more beautiful from up close.

Lucious, plump lips. Warm, dark eyes. He felt his resistance melt away.

There was no need for words.

She kissed him, pressing her body against his, grinning at the sensation of his stiff sex pressing against her.

She then backed away and pulled down her suit ever so slightly, revealing her ravishing breasts. She took his hand and placed it on her chest.

His heart was beating out a serenade for this woman. Her breasts were so soft and full.

She came closer and took his other hand. Slipped it inside her bikini brief, just briefly, and took it out again.

The feeling of her warm, moist pussy was too much for him.

He shuddered with desire.

It woke him up.

He looked around to find that there was nobody there.

The woman was but a mirage.

The erection he had, however, was not.

He rushed out of the pool, in the direction of the showers.

While he stood under the cold beam of water, he tried to absorb the situation.

His train of thoughts was interrupted by a sing-song voice calling out to him.

“Eh..embarrassing question really, but do you have any shower gel that I can borrow?”

He turned around to face an absolutely stunning figure of a woman. Not unlike the one he had fantasised about.

“Yeah, sure, but it’s in my locker. Hold on, let me get it for you.”

Alas, he realised too late that his erection hadn’t settled down yet.

The woman raised her eyebrows and giggled.

He immediately covered up his sizeable bulge with his hands, blushing a furious red.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. I won’t tell. On one condition.”

“I’ll do absolutely anything just as long as you won’t tell this to anyone.”

She smiled.

“Take me out for a drink in the cafeteria? I’m Elyse, by the way.”

“I’m Jim. And I’d love to take you for a drink. Just as soon as I get … *this* solved.”

“I’ll leave you to it.” she said smiling.

“What about the shower gel?”

“I’ll manage.” she said, winking. She walked off to the women’s showers.

He stood there quietly, under the stream of cold water, just for a second. Absorbed the situation.

And then he went to get dressed.

It turned out to be a good day after all.

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  1. I love water!


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