Late start on Fuck Me Friday today, but I’m working with an amazing prompt , so I’m not complaining. The shorties continue with my newest contribution to the mass: Peek. It’s a bit of an experiment, so work with me here. The bold parts are the man, the cursive parts are the “mystery” woman he’s meeting…



Ehm… hi..I’m a little bit nervous.

Make yourself comfortable

Oh, thank you. Can I have a drink?

Glass of champers, or something light?

Something light… I don’t think I want to be drunk.

Tell me what you’re here for.

Ehm..ehm…something… I’d love to take a look…

Ah, you fancy being cheeky!

Well, yes, kind of.

Would you love to take a peek?

Eh.. you seem ok, and you look nice so…

Oh, I bet you’d love to take a peek.

I bet you want to see my body.

I bet you want to see my gorgeous breasts.

Touch ’em, even?

Tell ya what. Let me put on a show for you.

Ehm… ok, if you want to…

Let me put the music on.

There we go.

Do you like my moves?


Do you like it when I shake my ass?


Want me to take my top off, so you can see my tits?

God, yes…

Good. There. Do you like them?

Fuck yeah… Can I .. can I touch them?

Go on. Have a feel.

That’s it. Do you like how big they are?

Do you like how soft they feel?

Yesss…. fuck, I think I’m hard.

Good. Now, watch me grind.

Feel that? Oh, you’re nice and hard, just the way I like it…

Can you feel me, grinding into you?

Yesssss… oh God!

I think I’m cumming… Oh yes… oh fuck!


Oh shit… these were good pants. Fuck, they’re sticky.

Darling, I’ll wash them, don’t worry. Just take them off, I’ll do laundry tonight.

Alright. You make an ace stripper, by the way.

Thanks! I practised a lot, you know. Anything to make a fantasy come true for you.

Thanks. For everything. For being the greatest wife a man can have.

No problem. I do my best. By the way, I had no idea you could come without me ever touching your cock..

Can you blame me? I was so fucking turned on! Your tits are so amazing… you know they’re like honey to a bee for me.

If you like my tits so much… do you fancy a tit fuck?

You know I do… but I think I’m spent for the night.

Nonsense. Here, let me prove it to you.

See them? See my tits?

Wanna fuck them?

Wanna slide your dick in between them?

Cum on my chest?

Spill your hot, wet seed on my titties?

Yessss… Oh god, I’m hard again.. fuck, you evil woman!

See! I knew you weren’t spent!

Now come here, you stallion…



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  1. I’ve never read anything quite like this but I like the way it’s laid out and the twist towards the end. :p


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