Another late start of my Fuck Me Friday escapade. But I have a very valid excuse. I’ve been around town today. Got my hair done. Got my back rubbed till fingerprints were embedded in my flesh. Went grocery shopping. Yep, today was, as they say in the 4077, A Full, Rich Day. But I digress. Fuck Me Friday. Sight. Let’s do this thing.



I thank the gods every day, for the simple gift of sight.

I see the beauty in everything.

The foliage in the park.

The wings of a butterfly.

The colors of a painting.

I can stare at the sky for hours

dissecting every cloud

absorbing every color

breathing in the air

and letting it fill my lungs

until they feel ready to pop.

But the thing I most appreciate

be it on a summer’s day or a winter’s night

is a woman’s body

The swell of her breasts

Her plump lips

The curve of her hips

Her forbidden treasure, so sweet and divine.

Yes, I appreciate a good woman

like a good, ripe wine

A beautiful woman, gets better with time.

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