The Jealousy Project

Lady Grinning Soul is hosting The Jealousy Project on her site (which has moved to a spiffy new home on this here WordPress, so check it out). Since jealousy is something I have experienced many times before, I decided to do some writing on it. Also, I will be answering the questions from the questionnaire on the site.

Part 1

The Questions

  • Do you experience jealousy?

On a daily basis. I am riddled with insecurities and jealous about other people who have it together and can deal with their lives. It’s the same with my love life. When I fancy someone, I immediately become jealous of people who are able to be in that someone’s life. I go through extraordinary lenghts to get noticed, and it doesn’t work. And I hate that.

  • When you feel jealous, how does it effect you?

It affects everything about me. On the outside, I get tetchy, give short answers, fall silent alot, and cry to myself. On the inside, it feels like I’m dying. I get this… how can I describe it.. knot in my lower abdomen and it feels horrible.

  • How do you experience other people’s jealousy (towards/about you)?

I usually don’t notice until someone else tells me about it.

  • Who do you feel jealous about/towards? (eg, family members, lovers, friends, co-workers, etc etc?)

Friends. People I know. Mostly friends.

  • Describe one instance of a personal experience with jealousy.

I had a crush on somebody in high school. A very hard crush, which eventually tore me apart, because the guy rejected me and then had it off with the new girl in our class. I nearly died of jealousy.

  • How do you overcome/deal with/suffer your jealousy?

I suffer very hard. I can’t really deal with it. It does not make me a good woman, I understand that completely.


Part 2

Just some writing, not based on anything. Feel free to interpret it as you like.


Filled with adoration

Glint in your eye

Smartest I’ve ever met

But I guess you’ll never try

Because I’m just a girl

Naive, fat and rubbish

Innocent to the ways of the world

You prefer someone who knows

And that stings

Brings me so much sorrow.

Every day.

I guess it’s true what they said

Jealousy will eventually drive you mad.


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  1. Great piece. Short, and very to the point. If you want to talk about jealousy further, you can find me easily. I’m always eager to chat about issues like this. Thank you for taking part!


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