I want…

For all the bad boys out there.

I want..

I want to hate you

I want to hate you so bad that my mouth would spontaneously foam at the thought of you.

I want to slap you in the face

dead hard, so you’ll notice me

Goddamnit I want to spit on your very essence!

But I can’t.

Believe me, I want to.

I want to hate you like I hate every man who’s ever looked down on me

Ignored me

or laughed at me

But fuck me

I just can’t resist.

There is something about that very essence of you that turns me on

Makes me wild with desire.

Weak at the knees.

God-fucking-damnit, I am throwing myself at you

and still you won’t notice!

All I want is just one glance

just to be acknowledged

You’re in my head

You’re in my heart

Let me into yours

Just for once

Give me the key

Show me your soul

And only then will my restless heart be satisfied.


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  1. kazigrrl

     /  August 3, 2011


    I can feel the glass wall you are throwing yourself against
    Be careful lest it shatters
    And you see that man in a less-than-perfect lens

    Those who cannot see are not worthy of your attention…

    {{{gentle hugs}}}

  2. Better yet are great men who will honor and adore you – pass on the douches.


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