Red: Chapter 3


3: I want to know you


I managed to avoid him in the first days of the new school year. I went about my business, teaching my students the basics of drawing a self-portrait. It was an assignment that came back every year, in different forms. My Year 7 students get the basics and draw based on their mirror image. My Year 13 students get to muck about and show me their creativity based on what they learned from me in the past. It’s a way of getting to know and re-acquaint myself with my students.

At the end of the first full week, I stayed in class during recess, to look at my Year 13 students’ efforts. I was just studying Tommy Wilkinson’s graffiti style drawing, when I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in.” I said, casting my eye on the piece of art in front of me.

The door opened and I heard someone walking towards me. I looked up and nearly dropped to the floor.

It was James.

“So, this is your nook of the school.” he said, smiling, as he looked around the room. “Very cosy.”

“What are you doing here?” I said, trying to keep myself calm and not swoon from the mere sight and sound of him;

“Apologising. Sort of.”

“For what?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Coming on too strong? Flirting with you?”

“Apology accepted. Now, Mr Hunter, will you please leave? I have work to do.” 

It was obvious that I wasn’t going to get rid of him that easily. He stood still, in a fighter’s stance. I wondered if he did martial arts or something like that. Or was he just naturally defensive? 

“Please leave, Mr Hunter. I have to grade these works.” I said, standing my ground, but at the same time terrified.

He looked at me in a way that screamed fury.

“You know what? I don’t want to apologise anymore. Definitely not for flirting with you. Because, guess what Reed? I quite liked that.”

I stood up from my seat and stomped towards him. I hissed in his ear..

“Do you still want to fuck me? Long and hard and never know my name?”

“Like you have no idea.” he hissed back. “But now that I know your name, at least I have something to scream out when I come.”

I looked at him, willing myself to hate him. Willing for this aching sensation between my thighs to go away. Willing for him to quit his job and Nobby to come back so we could make fun of Mr Sanderson and his habit to trip over everything that is in his way.

But all that happened were my juices trickling down my legs. God, that man turned me on. Not that I wanted to admit it.

The heat was palpable in the room. Was it the after-summer sun? Was it the airconditioning failing yet again? Or was it just because I was so aroused by this guy?

I stared him straight in those gorgeous eyes of his. It was a proper Mexican standoff, right here in my class room.

It sizzled. It scorched.

And then the fucking bell had to go and ring!

He gave me a chuckle and an innocent smile.

“I want to know you, Reed. Know what you’re all about. You fascinate me.”

He turned and walked out. But not before I noticed that his arse looked magnificent in his sport shorts….


The rest of the day dragged on. So I was happy to get my ass home that night. I called Alex to let her know how my day went. She moaned about her boss. It was our thing.

After that, I went to bed.

“I want to know you, Reed. Know what you’re all about. You fascinate me.”

It played through my mind like a naughty film. I fascinate him. But that can’t be. I’ve only known him for a few days.

I closed my eyes and sighed. Drifting off to sleep soon after.

Suddenly, an image flashed through my mind. So powerful, so real. Yet only a figment of my imagination.

It was James. Standing in front of me, naked. My hands all over his body. My tongue, licking his neck. Stroking his cock. Making him moan.

“Oh fuck, Reed.. please, don’t stop.”

His voice sounded so clear in my head. Aural sex. I couldn’t help being turned on. I slid my hand down my chest, brushing over my breasts, my sensitive nipples, mewing in pleasure.

“Yes.. right there. Stroke it. Don’t be shy. Feels so good..”

My hand stroked my belly, which was my favorite spot. I got lost in the moment, lost in the thought of him.

“Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.. I’ll cum so hard for you, I can feel it.”

I couldn’t tease myself any longer. I was already on edge. Wanting, needing release, I slipped my hand under the elastic waistband of my knickers and stroked my pussy lips. The wetness was dripping from them.

“Oh yes.. right…there!”

My index finger dipped towards my clit, which was swollen like a ripe redcurrant. The first touch sent an electric shock through my system. I wanted more.

“Oh fuck, you’re amazing. Oh.. oh.. Jesus, Reed, don’t stop..”

I started furiously frigging myself. It was wet, it was messy, and it was amazing. I moaned and hissed obscenities at no one in particular. With my other hand, I pinched my nipples, which gave me even more ecstacy.

I worked towards a crecendo, as the voice in my head became as desperate for release as I was.

“Jesus, Reed, I’m close. So fucking close, don’t stop.. Reed.. oh Reed.. FUCK, REED!”

I came so hard that my legs started shaking. It felt like I was vibrating! And all because of that voice in my head.

Aural sex.

I fell asleep soon after. His voice was still in my head.

“I want to know you, Reed. Know what you’re all about. You fascinate me.”

So do you, James. So do you.



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  1. kazigrrl

     /  August 6, 2011

    Love the standoff! (well, and the concept of aural sex too LOL)



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