Red: Part 4


4: A demigod in motion


“So, how are things with you? Only, you seem quite distant.”

Laura had noticed correctly. During the weekly staff meeting, my mind and my eyes had been drifting off. Whilst Mr Welford was giving a particularly boring lecture on the new fire safety rules, I couldn’t help eyeing James.

He was looking good today. More than good, he was looking great. Fuck great, he was looking like a superstar!

His eyes were hellishly blue and his little laugh at Mr Welford’s jokes was adorable. He was wearing his gym kit, and his t-shirt was tight, as usual. I could only imagine the body he had under there. It gave me the shakes.

“Distant? Me? No. Just lost in thoughts.” I replied to Laura, with a little smile. We both had some free time, and were walking across the playground.

“Thoughts? Oh, I see. And do any of these thoughts concern Mr Hunter?”

Shit. Had I just been caught out? I could feel my cheeks flushing a bright shade of red.

“It’s alright, Reed. I won’t tell him. But you’re not the only one, I can tell you that. He’s all the girls are talking about in my class. Nobby never got this kind of attention!”

“Yes, Nobby wasn’t particularly handsome, was he?” I noted, randomly kicking a pebble.

“I don’t know, I always thought he had his merits.” Laura said with a wry smile. I knew what she was hinting at. She had quite the crush on him. It was an unspoken thing between us. Must have been sad for her to see him go.

“Anyway. I know where James is right now. Do you want to go and have a stare at him?”

“Laura! I can’t go ogling him in front of all his students!”

“They won’t even notice. He’s on the sports field, doing athletics with the year 13 students. Come on. Do you fancy?”

After a bit of humming and hawing, I agreed.

After a short walk, we arrived on the field, where, indeed, the year 13 students were busy running laps around the field. I had to squint a bit, due to the sun, but James was there, on the field, motivating his students.

A girl was standing next to him, seemingly wheezing. I could hear him talking to her.

“Come on, Kaye! Try to breathe through your mouth. Sit for a second, and I’ll have someone get your inhaler from your bag. Don’t panic, it will be alright.”

I smiled involountarily. He’s quite caring.

We sat down on the field, at a feasable distance, so he wouldn’t notice.

“So, what do you fancy about him? I’d love to know.” said Laura, plucking at a bit of grass.

I didn’t hesitate. “His eyes. Gorgeous.”

“Haven’t noticed them. Surprised you didn’t say his body!”

“Well, yeah, but his eyes are stunning. And eyes are the window to the soul, aren’t they?”

“And what do you see in his soul?”

I stayed quiet for a moment. What did I see in James Hunter’s soul?

“I don’t know. I want to figure him out. I want to know him.” I said, echoing his own words.

The conversation halted for a bit as we watched the students do a combination of speed walking and running.

“Looking good, year 13! Almost makes me want to join in with you guys! You know what? I will!” he shouted.

The next thing I knew, was James running towards the track and joining the students in their run.

Immediately, I was in awe. The sheer strength and agility that this man displayed was unbelieveable. He was fast, like lightning, like thunder.

It brought an idea in my head. I wanted to sketch him. Photograph him. This man is art. Rippling muscle and pure masculinity all in one.

Right then and there, I knew I had found my muse.

“Wow, look at him go.” said Laura. “He’s really good.”

I smiled. “Yes. He really is.”


Unbeknownst to Laura, I started going to the sports field more often, armed with my sketchbook. Today, he was putting the Year 11 students through their paces on the track.

Again, I was blown away with the vivid image of him in motion.  His arms were bare, his t-shirt was tight, he was sweaty… I have never been more turned on. If he would have chosen to bare his torso for me at this moment, I would combust, I think.

With swift strokes of my pencil, the image of James Hunter came alive in my sketchbook. An adonis, surely?

But it wasn’t long before Laura found me.

“You’re sketching him?” she said, curiously looking at the page I was working on.

“Yeah. Just mucking about, really. It’s not leading to much.”

“Nonsense! It’s looking beautiful!”

Laura sat herself down on the grass next to me. “Have you considered asking him to pose for you?”

“Laura!” I said, punching her in the arm. “I can’t just ask a colleague to pose for me! It’ll be frowned on by the rest of the staff! I might be fired!”

“Can’t you ask him on the sly? I’m sure he’ll be flattered.”

“Still, it’s weird! I have to see this bloke every day and work with him.”

“Reed, just ask him. He might say no, he might say yes. Either way, you want to sketch him, now’s your chance.”

I sighed. What to do? Ask him to pose for me? Tell him that I’m wildly attracted to him?

“Look, now’s your chance, they’re going to the changing room. Ask him. I’m sure he won’t take offence!”

I trembled at the thought. We have not spoken since the Great Mexican Classroom Standoff and I was nervous. Especially with what I was about to ask him.

“Reed.” Laura said, in her strictest teacher voice. “Do it. You won’t regret it.”

I took a deep breath, stood up, and walked towards him. I could just about hear Laura applauding me.

He was talking to a student and his back was turned to me, so I stood there for a while, staring at his back.

“No worries, Jake, you did great. If you keep up like that, you’ll be a top runner soon!”

“Thanks Mr H. I thought my speed wasn’t that good this time.”

“No, I timed it, it was excellent. Just keep doing what you’re doing and… remember to breathe!” he said, which made Jake chuckle.

“I will! Oh, hello Ms Sullivan, didn’t see you there!”

James slowly turned around and faced me. I tried my best not to stare directly in his eyes.

“Hi Jake. Do you mind if I have a little talk with Mr Hunter here?”

“No probs. And thanks again, Mr H.” said Jake, before he walked off in the direction of the changing rooms.

“Ms Sullivan. To what do I owe the pleasure?” he said, smiling brightly.

“Actually, I’m here on informal business. I kinda wanted to ask you something.”

“Sure, anything. Do you want to go and sit down?”

“No thanks. I’ll be quick. I wanted to show you something, and at the same time, come clean.” I took out the sketchbook and handed it to him.

“I did some sketches. I wanted you to see them.”

He opened the book and looked curiously at the sketches. It didn’t take him long to realise it.

“These are brilliant. You’re really talented. But why me?”

I blushed the brightest crimson. “Because you’re an interesting subject. Your body speaks volumes, and I couldn’t not capture that on paper. I did them.. I did them whilst I was watching you from the grassy knoll over there.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “You were watching me?”

“Yeah. I watched you run. Like poetry in motion. Couldn’t help but sketch you.”

“Well, can’t say I don’t feel flattered! So, what did you want to ask me?”

I took a breath, and looked him deep in the eye.

“Will you pose for me?”

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  1. kazigrrl

     /  August 8, 2011

    Hmmmmmn… I hear conditions coming 😉


  2. elenyalewis

     /  August 9, 2011

    I really like where this is all going. Muchly looking forward to seeing how the chemistry unfolds…. 😀

    • Oh, I have a good idea about where the chemistry is going. It’s the first time I actually have a clear storyline in my head, so I’m chuffed to bits 🙂 Thanks for reading, Elenya!


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