Seriously? That’s how you found me?

I have noticed that quite a lot of people find my site through search engines. Now, this is normal. However…. some of the search terms used make me wiggle my eyebrows… Here is a list of some from the past few months of Lady Laid Bare. Prepare to laugh and be amazed. Or, not, alteratively..


Over the last few months, these were used to find my site:

  • Masturbating kids (which, no, never, nay, eww, perv, get off my site!)
  • One tit picture
  • large tits on road
  • shaved and laid
  • Jason Statham naked (which, believe me, I have been praying for since day one of my crush)
  • fuck her till she howls
  • naked Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock fans, I’m looking at you here!)
  • morning anal musings
  • my boobs are too small
  • bladder
  • lovely girls in panties with good boobs.tumblr
  • you have the cream i let you fuck me
  • bouncing bosoms (I think I know where this one originated…)
  • Elin Murphy (from the Little Stories. Seriously. Is she an actual person and am I missing out on something?)
  • fuck and cream me
  • took pants off and fucked the old lady (which, what?)
  • anal pain bare souls
  • fancy bosoms pussy
  • (brace yourselves) “anal play” -gay -porn -video -tube -cat -dog (which… WHAT?)
  • anal mom literotica
  • animal bare young
  • ultimate sex
  • the lady in red gettin naked for bed
  • Jason Statham sex scene (which there need to be much more off, kthxbai)
  • i want to have sex with my chiropractor (ey? Can’t remember mentioning that!)
  • (my favorite) has kevin mckidd ever gotten an erection when filming a love scene (I dunno, ask him!)

And finally, the one that speaks volumes for me

  • belgium virgin sex jason statham

Finally, I want to oblige to some of my readers who have been asking this.

Kelly Brook. She may be annoying as fuck, but GOHOHOHOD she is fucking sexy.




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  1. goodness me! and how do you go about checking, may I ask? my curiosity is high now :s


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