Wank Wednesday. Plum. I’m in. Are you?



I inspected my naked image in the mirror. It was a thing that I did every morning. Today, I looked good.

My neck looked nice and lean.

My breast looked round and plump.

A few stretchmarks on my stomach, but I didn’t mind.

I turned around and looked over my shoulder at my ass.

Now, that was a whole different story.

My ass was a bright shade of plum, with handprints all over them.

I giggled as I remembered last night.

Without warning, he had pulled me into the bedroom.

We kissed with a fierce passion and he nearly ripped my clothes off.

He turned me around and made me bend over, with my hands against the wall for support.

The first smack was unexpected.

The second was painful.

The third was.. strangely enjoyable.

The fourth made me wet.

The fifth made me gag for his cock inside me.

After the sixth smack on my round, plump bottom, he got behind me and forced me open.

The feeling of his cock sinking into my cunt was a feeling of joy.

His movements were at a feverish pace.

It was clear that he was dying for release.

So was I. I was frigging myself furiously and it was clear that neither of us would last any longer.

We both came hard.

Afterwards, we hugged. We had not seen each other for a while and were both glad with this unexpected reunion.

He was still sleeping in my bed the following morning.

As I touched my bruised arse, I had a chuckle.

That man? He knows how to turn me on.

I joined him under my comfy duvet and wrapped my arms around him.

Perfect bliss.

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  1. elenyalewis

     /  August 10, 2011

    Mmm, you’ve turned me on quite a bit just thinking about that. I do like a good spanking. :p

  2. Stranded

     /  August 10, 2011

    Pleasure and pain…such a nice mix.

  3. kazigrrl

     /  August 10, 2011

    Reunions are sweet indeed 🙂

  4. Short and sexy, loved it.

  5. Amazing what a spanked bottom can do for the right girl…. 😉


  6. I particularly like the way the writing very simply conveys the fervent pace of events – sexy wanton lust & desire to be bad.


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