Red part 7

7: Iddo

“Your favorite writer?”

“Alexander McCall Smith. I devoured the entire Mma Ramotswe series.”

“Interesting. What do you watch on television?”

“Everything from documentaries to Strictly Come Dancing.  I’m a bit of a television addict.”

“Mmm. And movies? What movies do you like?”

“I can get into everything, if I like. Don’t really have a favorite movie. Hold still for a second, if you will.”

I was trying to capture a beautiful shadow that fell on James’s toned torso, whilst he asked a flurry of questions. I was able to answer most of them, which was a huge relief.

“Alright, that one’s done. Do you want to take a break?” I said, pleased with my work so far.

“Yeah sure. Sitting still can be difficult, it seems. Do you have anything to drink by any chance?”

I took two bottles of water from the mini fridge by the door and handed one to James. He gratefully accepted.

“That hits the spot.” he said, after taking a sip. “So, how do you think I’m doing so far? Am I a good model?”

“Yeah, you’re a good model. Interesting to sketch.”

“What do you mean by that?”

I tried to compose myself as I thought about the reason why he was so interesting to sketch. The reason being that his body was hot as sin.

“You have a nice form. Very athletic.” I said, glad I could keep my thoughts to myself. “A pleasure to draw.”

He seemed delighted. “Do you find me… a pleasure?” he said, putting a very dirty emphasis on the word “pleasure”.

“Yes. An absolute pleasure. Now, if you sit down, I’ll start the outline of my next sketch.”

“Alright, I’ll sit down. Can I ask you questions?”

“Yes, if you behave. Now, sit!”

“Ooh, naughty teacher is at it again.” he said, in his cheeky chappie sort of way. I had grown to love his cheeky ways, just like I had fallen in love with everything else about him.

Soon, I was sketching again, in silence this time. But not for long.

“Tell me something dirty.” he said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He followed it with a cheeky grin.

“I fell in the mud last week. I was wearing new jeans and couldn’t get the stains out for the longest time.” I replied, not taking my eyes off the paper.

He gave a little chuckle. “You know what I mean by dirty. Tell me your dirtiest secrets.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Oh, I don’t know.. let’s start with the first time you had sex?”

“20. On holiday in Paris. A waiter named Christian. He took me to his room and made very tender love to me on an inflatable mattress. I’ve always had fond memories of him. Satisfied?”

I knew what he was going to say…

“Not one bit. Have any vices?”

“My vices include lace, leather and chocolate. And hot men, of course.”

“Of course. Are you wearing lace right now?”


“Too bad. Do you have a vibrator, or any other sex toy?”


“Well… what is it?”

I was a tad embarrassed to admit to a colleague other than Laura what sex toys I owned, but I was willing to take the gamble. He wouldn’t tell a soul. Would he?

“As a matter of fact, I own four vibrators. A bullet, a clit vibe, a g-spot vibe and a double one. I also own bondage rope, a flogger and satin cuffs.”

His mouth fell open and I could hear him panting.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised. Besides, I didn’t buy them myself, they were a gift from Alex. Now, your next question please?”

“Oh.. oh yes, quite right. Ehm.. I’m afraid you’ve stumped me there.” he stuttered.

“Go on, mr Question Time, you must have something better up your sleeve?” I said, teasing him slightly.

“ you use them often?”

“The vibrators? Or the S&M gear?”

“The..the.. oh god, why do you tease me?” he wailed. “The vibrators, do you use them often?”

“I use them from time to time. I trust my fingers better.”

I watched as he squirmed on the rotating chair. The Schadenfreudistic ecstasy in me was at a delightful peak.

“I see. And, do you fantasize whilst you…” 

“Of course. I thrive on my fantasies.”

“What do you fantasize about?”

“What do you want me to fantasize about?”

He whispered something under his breath, which I couldn’t make out.

“Come again?”

“ME!” he grunted. “I want you. To fantasize. About me. Like I do about you.”

I put down my sketchbook and walked over to him, bending forwards and whispering: “Aha. Very well… and in this fantasy of yours, what is happening?”

“You.. you’re sucking me.” he spluttered, breathing heavily in my face.

“And how am I doing? Am I any good?”

“So…so good. Your mouth is so hot.”

“Good. Now it’s time for me to ask you some questions. Do I turn you on?”


“Do you want me?”


“Do you still want to fuck me, long and hard, and shout out my name when you come?”

“YES! Reed, seriously, stop teasing me!” he panted.

“What? Am I turning you on? Am I making you hard?”

He took my hand and pressed it against his rock-hard bulge.

“So fucking hard for you, babe.” he slurred, drunk on arousal.

“And what do you want me to do about it?”

“Take me. Take me. I’m yours.”

For a slight moment, I panicked. Does he really want me to have sex with him? Or is this just a spur-of-the-moment thing? And another thing… I hadn’t had sex for ages! Not since Iddo…

At the memory of Iddo, I started shaking a bit. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. Here was quite possibly the man of my dreams, offering himself up on a plate, and I… I couldn’t. I sank down on the ground.

“Reed? Hey, what’s wrong?” said James, snapping out of his state of arousal.

“I think I’m having a panic attack.” I whispered. “James… I don’t think I can have sex with you.”

He got off the chair and sat down on the ground with me. I could feel his fingers running through my hair.

“Tell me what’s wrong. Come on, it might be good to get it off your chest.”

At this gesture of kindness, I started sobbing.

Finally, it came out. “My fiancé left me and now he’s dead.” I whispered through the tears.

He looked stunned by my confession. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry.” he said. “Alice, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

Now it was my turn to be stunned. It was the first time he had called me Alice. And I let him.

He held me for quite some time. He didn’t need words. He just wanted to take care of me.

And that was all I needed for now.


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  1. kazigrrl

     /  August 14, 2011

    Tease, indeed!

    Good to know he has such a sweet, caring nature though 🙂


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