Merry Meet

I am a traveller by heart, in case you didn’t know. I had a holiday in London booked for a few months now. When I heard of Erotic Meet, I knew I had to be there. Erotic Meet was devised by the amazingly sexy Annie, to bring together loads of creative types who deal with erotica. The meet in The Green Carnation just happened to be on the Friday I was in London, so I went.

I got out of my taxi and was greeted by the lovely Elenya Lewis, who was coincidentally going to be sharing my room with me on Saturday. Also waiting outside, was the woman of the hour herself, Annie. They both made me feel more comfortable, but still, I was a tad too shy for my liking.

Fridayam was the next person to show up. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay for long, due to reasons which have become a bit sketchy in my head. My memory is so rubbish…. He was really nice and told me about his ideas to turn erotic stories into movies, making a new kind of porn. I’ll have to get back to him on that…

One by one, the deviants arrived at the bar. Among the people I met were Miss Rebecca Bond (who had the most beautiful business cards) and her lovely friend Parv, Liz Spire of Unseen Words, with the amazing bosoms, Shalla, a very lovely girl who I instantly liked and also has amazing bosoms, Rubyyy Jones, who I met only briefly, but had amazing hair and who I would love to touch base with some day, Josh Brandon, who I shall dub Goldiecocks from now on, because of something he said, his smexy French boyfriend with the gorgeous body and many more people.

Late to the party was John Yossarian and his very pretty and tiny friend Beau. He was, as it turned out, the winner of the glass dildo/vibe from the raffle at the Bristol meet. He accepted it and walked around with it in his back pocket all night. At one point, I was standing behind him and was very tempted to steal the fucker from his back pocket.

Alas, the night ended early for me, as I said goodbye to everyone and made my way down the street to get a cab. Alas again, my night ended in me crying and watching a roulette game on the telly all on my own. But that’s another story for another time….

Annie, thank you so much for organising this! I had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to see you all again soon, because I am currently nagging my parents’ ears off to save me some money for the next time.

Jill(y) Boyd.

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  1. Sounds like a (mostly) positive experience, glad you were able to get out there and meet people 🙂

    Love your new layout, by the way!

  2. Thanks Beautiful! Sorry to hear about the rest of your night… So pleased you came to the Meet! And yes, nag! We want more of you! -x-


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