I really don’t like it when people say I’m taking steps. I take steps every day, how else would I walk around? I listen to Steps now and again. But taking steps, as in doing shit to improve your life? Yes, I do that too, but I don’t need to be reminded that the steps I take are good.

Because it seems that people want to impose their life on me and have me take the steps they want me to take.

People don’t seem to understand me these days. I’ve always been, like, the odd one out, due to the weirdness from the autism. And now that I’m coming into my own and talking about writing and sex and being a grown up, happy, bisexual woman, they seem to think I’m speaking Chinese to them.

Also, when people see me now, all they can talk about is the gastric bypass and what my plans are.

So, to humor them and to get it off my chest for now, I shall braindump about both subjects right here. Not that any family member will get to read this, but it will help me vent a bit.

The Gastric Bypass

So, this week, we clock in at four months and 25 kilos since that faithful day in April. And I’m done talking about it. For the last four months, nobody has been asking how my writing has been going. Nobody asks me how my day has been. Everybody, on the other hand, asks me how much weight I’ve lost, what I’ve been eating, have I been keeping to my diet, why are you still drinking gallons of Coke Zero, I bet you can’t eat that much…

Here’s the thing. I can stand them asking me if they haven’t seen me in a while, or haven’t seen me at all. But some people ask me every fucking day!

So, here are the stats: 4 months, 25 kilos and a bit, feeling quite healthy, no, I don’t keep to my diet, because I can and want to drink Coke Zero and no, I can’t eat that much.

I’m sure they will be the same tomorrow. Sorry if I have offended anyone.



I’m not going to nursing school. This was a well-thought-over decision and I shall not go into the factors that made me take it. Lest it bores you. I applied for a job in the meanwhile, but I didn’t get it.

So, what am I going to do?

Money-wise, I am coming into some money very soon, so that’s alright. I’m going to try and do a book-purge and sell some stuff on auction sites (if anyone can recommend anything other than E-bay, I will reward you with nudity of your choice).

Education-wise, I am going to nightschool to persue my one true passion: languages. I’m going to sharpen my English and take German classes. I’ll maybe throw in something for fun as well. Flower arranging  looks good. Maybe, in time, I can translate some stuff on a freelance basis? If you need me, you know where to find me !

Job-wise, I’m doing what I absolutely love and do best: writing. I’m happy, sad, scared, even terrified to my utter core. But I’m gonna go for it.

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  1. I hate talking about about my own medical procedures and go out of my way not to have them discussed. If I cared to share the information, I’d volunteer… otherwise don’t go there!!

    In the end you need to love what you do and do what you love in order to be happy. I have that in my work and I wish the same for everyone else.


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