Review- Automagically by Sommer Marsden

My first review!

The story: After breaking up with her boyfriend, the very evil Gil, Evie McNab, a sexy witch, is done with men. However, she is not done with sex and is a bit frustrated… So her two sisters come up with a plan. It’s simple, really. Just put a spell over Caleb Mahoney, local coffeeshop barista and full time stud. Spell him into having delicious, wicked, fantastic sex with him and then make him forget!

Simple, no?

Except for the fact that sex with Caleb is SO addicting, she can’t quite bring herself to come clean about the little spells she’s been casting over him… What the hey, one more time won’t hurt, especially with a guy who’s dynamite in bed like Caleb, right? Right?

My opinion: It took quite a few days before I was able to read Automagically, but once I started, I couldn’t quite stop. This is just the way Sommer Marsden rolls, writing highly addictive stories that will please her countless readers and make new fans by the bookload.

The book is only 75 pages long, which is a bit sad, because I would have loved to read a lot more with Evie and the studly Caleb in the lead. They are both well-written and take you along for a sexy ride. The sex is disgustingly hot and steamy, by the way. Evie’s sisters are also incredibly entertaining and it’s a shame we don’t see more of them.

All in all, I genuinely enjoyed reading and reviewing Automagically. And yes, I’m secretly wishing there was a Caleb in my neighbourhood. We’d have lots of fun together, I think…



If anyone wants their sexy book reviewed, contact me on Twitter, I’m @JillyBoyd there. I’ll be glad to give your writings a go!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. The one Sommer Marsden book I’ve read certainly was, but that was just a real shorty. You can find my review of it here :


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