Red part 13

13: Shower

“Upstairs” turned out to be huge. There was a wall-to-wall mirror, quite possibly to entertain the muscle-men during their early morning work-outs. A few punching bags, a boxing ring, tribunes, everything to cater to the Ricky Hattons of this world.

“I’ll go change. You just wait here.” said James, before retreating to the changing rooms. I sat down on the ground against the boxing ring and took out my sketchbook. The last picture I drew was one of him, lying in bed, with only sheets covering his modesty. I had never seen him naked, though. And on that occasion, he was wearing his boxers. I just took a little artistic liberty…

I was dying to see him naked. Run my fingers over every inch of that stunning body. But, for now, Gym-Kit James would do. He had changed as briskly and efficiently as only he could and had re-entered the room, smiling.

“I can’t believe I get to show off in front of you.” he said, walking up to me and crouching down to face my grinning self.

“Am I stroking your ego now?” I said, chuckling, but secretly thinking about stroking something other than his ego.

“Yeah, you are. Feels kinda nice.”

He stroked my face and gave me a little kiss before walking towards the punching bag.

For the next hour, I watched in awe, the silence in the room being punctured by his rapid hits and occasional grunts. He was so good, I almost forgot to sketch. In the end, I just took out my camera. I had to capture this moment of perfect athleticism before it was too late. 

He wasn’t even tired. He sat down on the ground and did a series of sit-ups, which I naturally caught on camera. 

After the sit-ups, he sat down next to me and took a sip of my bottle of water. 

“So? Like what you’re seeing?” he panted, letting some water drip down his chin and his neck. God, that was sexy…

“Ehm, yeah, it was pretty cool.” I murmured, very distracted by where that water was headed. “Took some great shots of you in action.”

“Yeah, I saw you in action with your camera. You must have really liked it.”

“You’re really good. So. Will you show me your fancy mixed martial arts moves now?” 

“Will you show me your flashy salsa moves?” he teased, his head dropping onto my shoulder. 

“I don’t have flashy salsa moves, James. If I come into possession of some, I shall let you know! Go on, show me your moves!” 

He stood up and gave me back my water bottle. Then, he took on that stance I’ve seen him do before. That defensive fighter stance that made him quite intimidating at first. What followed was a series of precise movements that blew me away. He was a fighter. One of the purest, most beautiful fighters I had ever seen.

After doing a bit of posing for my camera, James disappeared into the showers. I stayed behind to look at some of the work I had done. Flicking through the sketches and the photo’s, I realised it was no use. I had to do something about the increased lust I felt for James. The need to feel his dick in any possible way was too big.

I snuck into the changing rooms, which were empty, thank God. The adrenalin rush of what I was going to do was very evident. So evident, I accidentally gave myself a headache.

I waited behind the door, until I heard James’s now familiar footsteps. He walked into the room, with only a towel covering his modesty. Right where I wanted him.

He turned around and looked directly at me. He studied me, with a curious glint in his eye.

“Reed? What are you doing here?”

I stalked towards him, confident in stride and, for the first time, confident in heart. Without saying a word, I pulled his face close to mine and claimed his lips for a slow, intense kiss. He tasted like showers and chocolate-scented shower gel.

“Reed…” he breathed softly. I closed my eyes and relished the way he said my name, the cadence of his accent and the tone of his voice. “What are you doing?”

“Just playing around a bit. Hope you don’t mind.” I said innocently, before I pushed him against a wall. He hissed on impact, but it was soon mollified by another deep kiss, one that had him moaning. Music to my ears.

I kissed my way down to his neck, where I lingered for a few seconds, placing a lovebite on the soft flesh. He took a sharp breath.

“Are you being naughty?” he said, whilst he tried to focus his breathing.

“I’ve passed naughty. I’m downright filthy now.” I chuckled, continuing my path of kisses towards his wet chest and his cute nipples. I flicked my tongue over them at first, but couldn’t resist grazing them with my teeth.

“Oh!” he whimpered. “Jesus, Reed… what are you up to?”

“You’ll see.” I said, looking at him, every bit the innocent angel. My next move was to pull away the towel. Now, I was a bit nervous for this, seeing as I hadn’t exactly seen his dick yet.

But I had nothing to worry about. His dick looked as good as it felt. It stood proudly erect. I could see a little glistening drop of pre-cum dripping from his cockhead.

“Are you going to suck my cock?” said James, with an unexpected quiver in his voice.


I made the mistake of looking up at him right there and then. His face was a mixture of so many things, but mostly anxiety and lust. Unbelieveable. And I thought I was the neurotic one in this relationship.

“I’m scared, Reed.” he whispered. I wondered why? It was me who should be scared! I hadn’t done this in ages.

“Don’t be.” I said, smiling at him, hopefully reassuringly. “Don’t be scared.”

I touched his cock, carefully. Swirling the drop of pre-cum around the head. Tentatively licking it up. I could feel him shivering. Next, I slowly licked up and down the shaft. He was cut. I quite liked that.

But he shivered again.

I pulled away. “Alright, either you’re really enjoying this, or there is something that you are not telling me. Fess up, Hunter.”

“I… I tend to… I’m not that great at… I kinda…” he stuttered.

“What? Just tell me, I won’t laugh!”

“I don’t do well during blowjobs. In the sense that… oh Jesus, I just come too soon. There, I said it.”

It took me a while to process the words. All the while, I was staring at his cock. Glorious, long and proud it stood, waiting for me to touch it.

“Is it because it’s been a long time? Or is that just in general?” I finally said.

“In general. But I think it might be terrible now. It’s been so long. Reed, you shouldn’t do it. You’ll only laugh at me being pathetic.”

I looked him in the eyes. And decided that I should do it. I wanted to, I needed to wrap my lips around that cock.

So I did it. I could hear him whispering apologies in advance. But as my licks sped up, his words turned into moaning. He grabbed my hair and entangled his fingers in it, pushing my head forward on to his cock. He was guiding me, wordlessly telling me how he wanted to be blown.

My left hand followed the movements of my mouth and stroked his cock.

“Jesus Reed, that feels brilliant.” he whispered breathlessly. “Keep going.”

Spurred on by his comments, I began sucking and stroking harder. His hips bucked in time with me and I could just tell that he was trying with all his might not to come to soon.

But his efforts were in vain. He had to let go. He came in hot spurts, which I felt hitting the back of my throat. I had forgotten what cum tastes like. His was nice.

As soon as he came down from his orgasm, the apologies recommenced.

“I’m so sorry, babe.” he said, close to tears apparently. He sank down to the ground. “I couldn’t help it, it was so good.”

I sat down next to him and pulled him closer. It was weird seeing him so vulnerable like that. Big, bad, tough James Hunter reduced to the size of a little pebble. I felt so bad for him.

I looked him in the eye and said: “You needn’t apologise. Never apologise for something you enjoyed. Baby, I don’t mind. I don’t mind if you take five seconds, five minutes, or five bleeding hours. Actually, five hours is a spec much, but let’s not go there.”

He let out a faint laugh, which pleased me. “James, if you want to talk about this, I’ll listen. I don’t judge. I’m your girlfriend, for fuck’s sake, you can talk to me about this.”

“And I want to. But I can’t. I feel blocked. Dad always told me to repress my emotions and that I was bad if I cried and that he’d hit me if I did…” he said, shaking.

“James, be honest with me. Did he hit you?”


He then spread his legs for me to see. I couldn’t believe I missed them. Huge red marks on his inner thighs. He showed me his back, which had one big scar on it.

“Can I touch them?” I said softly.

He didn’t move for a while. Just sat there, breathing.

“Yes. You can touch them. I trust you.”

I placed my finger on a random red scar and traced it. For an outsider, it must have been an odd sight. A naked man, with wide open legs and a fully clothed woman, touching his thigh.

But to me, and to him, it was something intimate. More intimate than sex. I felt very close to James right now.

One day, I’ll bare all for you. I’ll show you my scars. We’ll fight our battles together. But for now, we’ll just cuddle. Cos that seems like the right thing to do.

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  1. Amazing that he could let her even touch him for the blowjob, given the history of abuse…


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