Midnight RSI

Since discovering vibrators, and the merits of vibe + fingers, I haven’t had much solo sex with just my fingers to guide me. I wasn’t in the mood to change that tonight, seeing as I am developing a tingle in the side of my hand, courtesy of me balancing my laptop in a weird angle all the fucking time.

But porn made me change my mind. Blame porn (Xtube was the culprit). I am a sucker for videos of guys masturbating (alright, the secret is out, I love watching a man come), so when I found a Tumblr dedicated to guys masturbating… yeah, shit hit the fan.

This one guy, a very dirty man who loved the smell of his own sweat, had filmed a thirty minute wanking session. And by the end of those thirty minutes I was veeeerry wet. Seeing as I’m currently downstairs and in a no-go zone for toys, I used my fingers.

And I frigged. Frigged like it was going out of business. But it wasn’t as good. I’m spoiled by all my good vibe-induced orgasms, I think. It took me very long to orgasm and even then it just felt a bit weird. And very wet…

I cherish all my orgasms and treat them as special, so I will just classify this one as “The one where I did it on the loveseat in the living room”

Also, the one that gave me terrible cramps in my right hand….

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