Guys and Doll

I’ve been thumbing through a lot of Tumblrs in the past few days. Some provided me with excellent pictures for my growing collection of stuff that inspires me to write.

Some provided me with some men. I decided to do a bit of musing on the celeb men that attract me. So, if you will follow me through my ramblings…

David Tennant (or McDonald, if you will)

I have a soft spot for David. I was in my late teens when I discovered Doctor Who and Ten was just really all I needed at that moment. He gave me a lot of good energy and I’m eternally grateful of that time I spent being a Whovian.

These days, I like him better when he’s funny. He does comedy really well, so I hope he’ll do more of that in the future. Although, more stuff like Single Father (which – excellent) would be good too. Also, he should do a comedy show with Sarah Parrish, cos those two are golden together.

Jim Sturgess (or Dexter from that One Day movie, if you will)

It seems pretty harsh of me to say this, but this is about the only picture of Jim that appealed to me. Not that I think he’s a munter, on the contrary. The pictures I found just didn’t show what makes him appealing.

I haven’t seen him act in anything yet. I want to go see One Day, but I’m afraid it’s going to be either horribly saccharine or just depressing. I have seen him in the previews though, and I quite liked him. I don’t know if he’s a good Dexter, because, embarrassingly, I haven’t read the book and it’s been sitting on my shelve for a fucking year now.

If any of you have found pretty pictures of Jim, please, send links!

John Krasinski (or J-Kras or Jim from The Office and Jim/Pam = JAM fame, if you will)

Best face puller in the business. And a really cute guy. Look at him. He just looks so sweet, that I melt on the spot whenever I see him.

In my personal opinion, John is a very underrated actor. I saw him in It’s Complicated and he was really good, although he only had a small part.

I really like him, but I don’t have much to say about him though. Give him a good script and he’ll be a star before we know it.

Peter Facinelli (or Carlisle Cullen from the Sparkly Vampire Movie, if you will)

This one is dedicated to @ElenyaLewis.

I’m not big on Twilight. Just not my thing. However, when I caught the first movie on television, this guy definitely attracted my attention.

I don’t know what it was that made me like Peter. I think it was because he’s unique in the movie, in the sense that he’s not a very young strapping lad who does well with the teenage girls.

I haven’t seen much of him. In fact, Twilight was the only thing I ever saw him in. I would like to see more of him, out of the context of Twilight, so if Nurse Jackie ever gets aired here, I’ll be watching with eager eyes.

And probably lusting after him. Possibly.

Matthew Gray Gubler (or Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds, if you will)

He’s quite attractive in an unconventional way.

Say he would have been in my class, along with three popular, good looking, fit-but-they-know-it type of guys. Matthew would be the guy I fall in love with. You can just see that he’s something special.

It’s his eyes. I have a thing about eyes and his are very cool, sort of bedroom eyes, the kind of eyes that make me pray for the day he looks my way.

Hey, I did a rhyme..

Ewan McGregor (or the one that does them silly stuff on a motorbike with Charlie Boorman, if you will. He also does other stuff, like acting.)

I was about six when Trainspotting came out, so I discovered the sheer genius of this man through that other brilliant movie he did, Moulin Rouge. But it was not his good looks, no no. It was his singing voice that won me over.

I quickly discovered that this man can act his way out of a paper bag. And that he likes showing his cock. Ladies, if you want cock, pick up some of his dirtier, grittier work like Young Adam and Velvet Goldmine (which I desperately need to see).

Alternatively, if you want to know how deep this man is, emerse yourself into Long Way Round and Long Way Down, the documentary series on his biking adventures with his mate Charlie Boorman.

Excuse me if I sound like I’m doing promotional work for Ewan McGregor, but all of his stuff IS THAT FUCKING AWESOME I can’t help myself.


And finally…

This dude. I don’t know his name or anything. Seems quite lovely. (Jason Statham, professional panty-melter and eargasm giver. Also does acting on the side.)

I could write a whole post on my fascination and lust for him. I’ve tried analysing this obsession, and the only thing I can come up with is that I lack strong male figures in my life and found solace with him.

I look up to Jason. He has come so far in his life. He used to be a very succesful diver (he dived for England, I think), model (of course) and black market salesman. That last bit won him the part of Bacon in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which I still think is an awesome story.

I didn’t like him at first. I saw The Transporter and thought it was shit. But I slowly changed my mind about him, up to the point where I actually declared (after seeing Crank at the cinema) to my friend A that I was so horny for him.

That died down after a while, until The Expendables came out last year. I really needed something lovely in my life (still do) and I just became crazy about him.

One year on and it has simmered to utter respect and absolute lust. I can’t not look at this guy without my jaw dropping. I love that, when I accidentally stumble upon a picture of him, my pussy just pings to life and spontaniously goes all Joey Tribbiani on him.

Fuck it, I love him. Love his eyes, love his mouth, love that fucking sexappeal he just oozes in every single picture I see of him. I’m hooked on him.

And I can’t see that ever changing.


So, things I have learned from flapping about Tumblr blogs with hot celebrity men on them (now in handy bullet point version, because I’m anal like that)

  • There is not enough Statham out there, but the stuff that’s there is golden.
  • Zachary Levi is ALL OVER THE PLACE
  • Michael Fassbender looks like he wants to kill me in every single fucking picture
  • There is such a thing as too much shirtless, Joe Manganiello (YES, there is)
  • A picture of Russell Howard is something to be cherished (see also : Michael McIntyre)
  • I am TERRIFIED at how much Alex Pettyfer has grown up and filled out since the Alex Ryder movie
  • Also, Darren Criss. I totally would.
  • No offense to the Mars Army, but Jared Leto scares me.

And finally

Bradley Cooper is a beautiful, overexposed, smug twat. With nice eyes.


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