Naked TMI

TMI Tuesday is upon us, and today, ladies and gents, we are going naked. Yes, NAKED. Fun, isn’t it? Naked is great, I love being naked. You know the drill, read on for my answers, click the link if you want to get naked and play.


1. What do you wear to sleep in? Most of the time, a top and a pair of shorts. I get very hot in bed.
2. Do you ever walk around your own place naked? I live with my parents… Believe me, if I could, I would.

3. Have you or would you ever answer the door naked? I have not. I would though. Maybe if I was absolutely certain my lover was at the door.
4. What part of your body do you like to be on show? Why? Tell you a secret: I like showing off my cleavage. Not when I’m not wearing a bra, because my breasts are very lopsided then, but when with bra, I have spectacular breasts. I think.
5. When sunbathing how much do you bare? I bare fuck-all sunbathing. I burn like a crisp, so I tend to avoid sunbathing all together.
6. Have you or would you bare all on a naturist (nude) beach? Oh I would. If I’m not with my family (which – fucking awkward) I would go all the way.
7. Have you ever flashed your bits in public? If not would you if it turned your partner on? Flashed my bits in public? I think I often flash bits of my breasts, but without knowing. If it turned my partner on… I would have to think about it.
8. Have you ever given a striptease or has anyone given you one? Did you enjoy it? I’ve never given a striptease. Been given one? Only in my dreams, darling….
9. Ever gone skinny dipping? Alone or with others? No. My life has not been that exciting…
10. Do you like to look at naked people or do you want show off your nakedness? I loooooove looking at naked people on my laptop. What, real naked people? Well, I have yet to see one that isn’t my dad looking for his clothes…

Bonus:  Sexually speaking, what’s the furthest you would go with a partner in public? Have you had sex in public?

Full- on sex. Absolutely. I never did it before, but, fuck it, why not?

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  1. #10 – Hilarious! 🙂


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