Fantasy Island (not the show)

Would you believe me if I said that I don’t fantasize?

Yeah, obviously you don’t, considering my past claims of countless red-hot nights thinking about boinking Jason Statham in the back of the cinema or something like that.

But the truth is, I really don’t do an awful lot of fantasizing. Depends on what you think it is, really.

When I masturbate, I tend to float into a head space that is exclusively mine. My thoughts start rattling uncontrollably and all I hear in my head is “COME ON!!!!” like my private army of cheerleaders cheering me to orgasm. I aim for orgasm and nothing should distract me. I don’t really find time to construct elaborate fantasies.

Though sometimes, I can hear Jason’s voice (because it is a voice that turns me on) in my head, whispering dirty things, which I reply to, albeit in my head. I don’t tend to engage in eloquent conversations with this voice out loud.

But do I have a fantasy? Is there anything I dream about sexually that I would like to see fulfilled?

I have fantasies, sure. But not during masturbation.

What is it I fantasize about? I mainly fantasize about having sex. Seeing as I have not had sex, I quite like to go out on a limb and fantasize about having it.

Be it rough, doggy-style sex in the privacy of my own room, with Jason shouting expletives in my ear or soft, sensual sex, with a man who keeps me intellectually stimulated, like I’d imagine Matthew Gray Gubler would (or his character Spencer Reid, at least). These are two fun guys to fantasize about, because they have qualities (or at least, I think they have) I look for in real life. 

But let’s not drift off and make this a post on the merits of these two fine men. 

My fantasies are quite simple. I read bits of Women on Top and Men in Love, both by Nancy Friday, and I was flabbergasted by the elaborate fantasies that some of these people have. I’m sure, one day, I’ll have a pretty elaborate one and will use that to get off, but for now, just let me get off on the power of my mind. 

I realise that this post may be horribly contradictory and I do apologise for that. I attribute it to being tired and worn out from illness.

I shall use these pics to distract you!  



Wow, I could devote an entire post on the contradictory nature of my crushes on these men. But let’s just do that tomorrow….

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  1. I’ll come up with a fairly elaborate fantasy when just daydreaming or whatever, but when actually masturbating I’ll be thinking about just one particular scene or action. It’s too much hard work thinking of anything too complex, and the timing can be a problem, like if the body is close to orgasm but the mind is still just thinking about holding hands on a nice sunny beach. Way too much work.

    • It is indeed too much work to think up an entire dirty movie in your head whilst masturbating, especially when you’re gagging for release and find yourself stuck on something silly.

      My most elaborate fantasies come alive when I’m just writing or walking on the street (the ones I have in pubic are not sexual though). Most of my writing springs from sexual fantasies.

  2. I don’t really fantasise in a traditional sense, insofar as I don’t often envision myself having sex with other people in exotic locales. And I don’t do celebrity crushes, so I don’t even have that sort of fantasy world to escape into. I do often fantasise about other people having sex, though… maybe that’s why I like soft porn so much!

    My strongest orgasms often come when I am thinking about myself, however. It rarely happens, but when they do involve myself I often get seriously involved with what’s going on in my head and feel slightly sickened afterwards!

    Although in reference to what the lovely virgin says above, holding hands on a sunny beach can also be quite a turn-on, in many ways!

    • I like escaping in that fantasy world of celeb crushes, only because it kinda keeps me sane? I don’t know if I ever fantasised about other people having sex. I do watch people having sex, by means of porn, sometimes.

      Care to explain what goes through your head then?

      It can, it can.

    • Holding hands on a sunny beach would be lovely, but I’d rather orgasm holding something else.

      I can’t remember the last time I saw a sunny beach actually, I go to Cleethorpes too much…

      I also want to know what leaves you feeling sickened!


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