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I wasn’t an expert at flowers. Roses, I knew. Tulips, I knew. But the strange, blue flowers on the border in his garden…

I studied them curiously, picking one and smelling it. It smelled delicious. Sweet and soft and quite unusual.

“Anagallis Arvensis. Or Scarlet Pimpinel.”

He had snuck up behind me and put his arms around my waist.

“Do you like them?” he asked me.

“Yes. They’re very pretty.”

“They’re more than that. The blue flower is the symbol for inspiration. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable.”

“That’s beautiful. Have I ever told you you’re too smart for me?”

“I assure you, I’m not.” he chuckled. “But it’s nice that you think of me like that. You’re looking so beautiful, Ileen. I can’t bare to let you go.”

“Then don’t. I’ll sell my ticket, I won’t go back to Ireland. I would do anything to be with you!”

“But you must go back to your family.”

“Sod my family! I want you! And if they can’t accept that, they won’t see me again. Damn it, Dylan, I love you!” I said, turning around to face him, with tears in my eyes.

He pulled me closer and kissed me with a delightful passion that set my soul on fire. But the tears kept streaming. Soon, I’d leave Wales again and go back to my shitty life, with my shitty family. Not to forget, my shitty husband.

“I love you too. I want you to stay too. I want this time to be different, I want to run away with you. Leave our hell behind and start a new life together. But…”

“It’s always “but” with you! There’s always a reason not to be together for you and I hate that you can’t just… Dylan, just tell me to stay. Tell me to leave home and tell me to leave him.”

To my surprise, Dylan started crying himself. It was an extraordinarily display of emotions that I had never seen from him.

“Stay. Stay and never leave me again, because my heart would break and I would die if you’d leave my side now. Stay, Ileen. Please.”

“I will. I will, babe.”

And we kissed amongst the Scarlet Pimpinels, on the border in his garden. Soon, the borders that kept us apart would flow into one and we would be together.

Dylan carried me to the bedroom. He undressed me, with a careful hand and lay me down on the soft bed.

I laughed, as his own removal of clothes was frantic.

But soon, he joined me, and the feeling of his naked flesh on mine was exquisite.

And I felt the borders fall away.


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  1. Eroticmoonbeam

     /  September 14, 2011

    Beautiful x

  2. So beautifully sad

  3. Really intensely emotional, beautifully written.

  4. Really very beautiful…



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