Spanking Kitty

Inspired by Erotic Moonbeam’s post.

I recently made a confession to writer Alison Tyler on Twitter. She was looking for quotes for her new book on spanking, and I confided in her that I… well, I have spanking tendancies.

I’m not going to beat around the bush (hurr hurr) and just going to come out and say it. 

I spank my cunt. There, I said it. 

Let me back up for a minute. Apart from my brief stint on Fetlife, I never had any tendancies towards spanking or BDSM or such. But spanking… 

Fuck it, spanking is hot. 

I got the idea from porn. Of course. In more than one video, you can see men spanking their partner’s pussy. I wondered what the thrill was in that.

One night, I just decided to do it myself. It wasn’t that exciting at first, but a while ago, I discovered the thrill.

What goes through my system when I spank there?

It doesn’t register at first. But then, a huuuuge wave of pleasure hits me. One that makes me almost leap off the bed.

As usual, I am speaking for only one person, and that person is me. I don’t know if spanking the cunt is pleasurable for other women. Love to hear from you, dear reader.

Meanwhile, visit this Tumblr about spanking. It’s liek rally kewl and that. Has little dirty home-movies of this couple’s spanking sessions, which are a fucking turn-on, I promise.


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  1. I have indulged in this a few times myself. I didn’t see the thrill at first either, but began to react after I’d been at it awhile, and now it doesn’t take long at all to produce a reaction. Spanking the breasts can do it too.



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