Red part 19

19: Afterglow and afterwoe

I couldn’t help smiling. Can you blame me? Waking up, bathing in the afterglow of our first night as proper lovers, with my arms wrapped around this beautiful man’s waist. This must be what heaven feels like.

Except heaven doesn’t have any blaring alarm clocks. Or phones that sound like the TARDIS. Or… well, you get my drift.

“Ugh. What time is it?” I croaked. I turned around towards my alarm clock and groaned when I saw that it was, in fact, Impossibly Early o’Clock.

James sat up and looked at the clock.

“Ugh.” he said. My sentiments exactly. “How do you manage waking up this early?”

“I’m well-trained.”

I pulled the duvet over my face and groaned into it. Mornings with Reed Sullivan are nothing but a mix of groans and grunts, apparently.

He pulled the duvet back, and smiled this fantastic smile that had me tingly in the belly. “I wonder who made you glow like that.” he said.

“Oh, this very sexy man, covered in blue paint.” I giggled, as he snuggled up to me. “He has a beautiful body and a wonderful cock, and he knows how to make me come.”

“And who is this man, with the wonderful cock? Do I know him? I’d love to meet him!” he said playfully. I had no choice but to swat him. He giggled like a little menace.

“Oi, easy there! Seriously though… was I… any good? It’s been a long time since… and I just wondered…”

“You… we were… it was amazing.”

Jesus, this man had me turning into a stuttering heap of former female. I thought I was more articulate than that.

“Yeah, it was quite amazing. You wouldn’t by chance be up for a repeat performance, would you?” he said, with a cheeky glint in his eye.

“James, not now. It’s early and we both need to get up and go to work. Besides… I have to get this plan I have in mind in gear.”

“You have a plan? Is it an evil plan?” he said, kissing my neck. “Is it a wicked, devious plan that will get people all riled up?”

“Well… it’s a plan. Let’s keep it at that.”


We left for work, holding hands, as I told him about the plan I had in mind.

The idea of finding Derek Dietrich and re-uniting him with Laura had begun to take over my brain. I wanted my best friends to be happy together, and once I got started, there was no way of stopping.

I had no idea where to start. I only had his work e-mail to go on, so, that afternoon, on a free hour, I decided to hijack the computer in the staff room. Now, this was, in fact, the only computer in the staff room. On some days, there was an actual queue for it. A few of my colleagues just brought their laptops, but the rest just merrily waited. I once heard my normally placid and timid colleague David, who teaches RE, actually lash out at someone and call them a “little shit”, because they were on the computer for too long.

Luckily, there was no queue this time, so I had free access to the computer. For a moment, I pondered the idea of watching porn on it. Which I dismissed pretty quickly.

I logged on to my e-mail account and searched through my contacts for Derek’s e-mail address, hoping I hadn’t deleted it yet.

I hadn’t. Soon, the magic words popped up on my screen. It didn’t take me long to compose the e-mail, which didn’t mention Laura’s pregnancy yet. It was just a light and breezy message, asking him how he was and how he was adapting to life in South-Africa.

I quickly pressed “send” and logged out. Deed done, I returned to my cup of coffee and said a quick prayer that Derek would get the e-mail.


Later that night, I logged in on my own laptop, with James watching over my shoulder. Apparently I had five new messages from my school contacts list, so I quickly clicked to see if Derek was one of them.

Words could not express the amount of relief I felt when Derek’s name popped up.

“Is that him?” asked James.

“Yep. Nobby. Cross your fingers for me, will you?”

He crossed his fingers and showed it to me. I couldn’t resist a smile.

I clicked on the message and waited till it opened. When the words appeared on my screen, it took a moment to register. But then, it hit me like a plank of wood in the face.

This account has been closed. Please turn to Mr A. Welford for details.


It was said in perfect unison. James put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a kiss to comfort me. “Maybe you should ask Mr Welford if he has any details?”

“It’s no use, he isn’t going to give anything away. Privacy and that.”

“Hmm… possibly. But I think I have an idea. It involves a teeny-tiny white lie.”

“Oh? Tell me more…”

As James explained his plan, I came to a conclusion. He’s not only dynamite in bed, he’s got a solid head on his two shoulders as well…


The idea was quite simple. James would go to Mr Welford and ask for Derek’s contact information, so he could ask him questions about his past itineraries for the second semester. Mr Welford would, of course, agree, and give him the information. And, quite possibly, praise James for his initiative.

At least, that’s how James explained it to me.

I hoped it would work.

Meanwhile, November had come knocking and most of my colleagues seemed to be suffering from oncoming winter depression. It was rubbing off on my students as well.

I was doing my usual tour of the room, whilst Year 11 worked on their autumnal artwork. A few of the pictures caught my eye as being particularly depressing. There was an abundance in skulls and crossbones, graveyards and skeletons. Was this an after-effect of the recent Halloween celebrations?

There was a polite knock at my door. I hurried to open it, praying that it was a certain hunky man with good news.

Indeed, behind the door was James. He pulled me outside and started talking at the fastest pace known to man.

“Slow down, lunatic! Tell me what you know.”

“Alright. So, I talked to Welford, told him why I wanted Derek’s contact information and…


“He fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker.” he said, producing a little piece of paper from his pocket. I eagerly grabbed it from his hands and let out a little squee when I saw what was on it.

“His phone number, his cell-phone number and his e-mail address. And I’ve got more news. He’s in Glasgow.”

“Glasgow? What happened to South-Africa?”

“I don’t know, Welford wouldn’t say. He just said that he’s currently residing in Glasgow.”

“Oh James, I don’t know whether to hug you or kiss you!” I said, taking him in my arms.

“It’s nothing, really. Consider it a big favor towards Laura. And you, of course. So… do you fancy getting together tonight?”

He kissed me, quickly, so that no-one would notice. Not that there was anyone in the hallway, but still… always be prepared.

“Mm… tempting proposition. What do you want to do?”

“Cook for you. I make a mean banoffee pie, don’t you know?”

“Ooh, banoffee, my favorite!”

“Glad you like it, because I’m planning to smear it all over your body and eat it from between your naked breasts.”

My legs wanted to give out at that moment, from the sheer explosion of lust in the pit of my belly. He held me steady, and gave me little kisses that only served to making it worse.

“I dare you to keep that image in your head as you go back to your students and mentally masturbate over it.”

“Don’t you fucking tease me, you big… tease-monkey!”

“Is that the best you can do?” he said, grinning. He pulled away and turned around, but not before he gave me a wink. Cheeky sod. He walked off, giving me a little booty-shake.

“Sod!” I yelled out. I could just feel him smirking.

I’d get him back.

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