Red part 21

21: Signs of Intelligent Life

“Congratulations, Ms Hannigan. It’s a boy.”

I could tell Laura wasn’t expecting that answer. Her mouth fell open and she gaped at the doctor in disbelief. “A boy? As in… a boy? Like, with a little penis and that?”

“Yes, of course! You can look at the screen if you like.” said the statuesque, older man, pointing towards the monitor, where a flurry of activity was going on.

“I can’t look, I’m scared!” cried Laura, hiding her face in her hands.

“For fuck’s sake, Laura, it’s just a baby, it can’t hurt you!” I said, trying to pry her hands apart. “Besides, don’t you want to see your cute lad?”

She looked up at me and said, “Is it cute?”

“Turn around and see for yourself.” I said, pointing towards the screen. The magical sound of a baby’s heartbeat filled the room and Laura turned around to face the monitor.

“Wow. Reed. Look.” she whispered.

“I’m looking. Very cool.”

It was one of those fancy 4-D scanners, which I had only seen on television. We looked at each other, both awed by the awesome science on display. It was a sign of intelligent life in the making, and a very overwhelming thing to experience.

“Is he healthy, doctor?” asked Laura, not taking her eyes off the little screen.

“Well, your tests will be back quite soon, so we’ll know more then, but from what I can see, that is one healthy lad you’ve got there.”

We both breathed a sigh of relief. And when we left the doctor’s office, Laura’s mood had improved enough to get a ham sandwich on the way home.

She’ll get sick of those ham sandwiches one day…. hopefully.


James had asked me to come over to his place that night. He lured me in with the promise of fish and chips and a marathon of Rome episodes.

He had made the fish and chips from scratch. I absolutely loved every bite. He had found a way to make the batter for the fish deliciously crispy, and I admired him for that, because it was something I could never quite manage to do.

All through dinner, we couldn’t stop eyeing each other. Fuck, he was so good-looking, I couldn’t help myself. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye tonight, which made me wonder what he had in store for me. I guessed it wasn’t just an extended viewing of series one of Rome…

Later that night, as the perils of ancient Rome unfolded on the television screen, I could help getting lost in the atmosphere. Mighty Caesar in his carriage, evil Atia, kind-hearted sex maniac Pullo… it was all becoming too much for me. I feared that if he touched me now, I would dissolve in to a puddle of lusty ooze.

So, I touched him. Just to see what his reaction would be. I lightly brushed his arm, part of me hoping that he wouldn’t even notice. But he did. He turned to me and I could see that mischievous twinkle in his eyes again.

The moment of stillness that followed seemed like an eternity. It was like everything in the world, in the universe faded away. The only thing that registered in my head was the sound of our breath, quickening. It wasn’t a question of what was going to happen, or when. It was who was going to make the first move.

He did. He pounced on me, pushing me down on the couch and kissing me with such brute force that my lips nearly bled from it. It was so powerful, I found myself completely lost in the moment. So when he pulled away and stood up from the couch, I wondered what would follow. What could possibly top that kiss?

I got my answer when he swept me up from the couch and draped me over his shoulder. He carried me up the stairs to his bedroom, like a brutish caveman.

Once upstairs, we wasted no time. Soon, clothes were everywhere, some even ripped to shreds, like that shirt he had bought last week. He didn’t seem to mind one bit.

We never stopped kissing, not even for a moment. Our hands were everywhere, frantically searching for the right spots to hit, the right skin to caress. He felt moist and warm, and I revelled in the smell of him, in the ecstasy of his musk, his sweat and his cologne.

“Reed.” he panted, trying desperately to catch his breath.


“Bend over.”


I didn’t quite understand what he had said. But when he backed me up against the bed and turned me around, I started to suspect something.

“Bend. Over.” he hissed into my ear. For a moment, I panicked. The vision of James caning me, like Iddo used to do, hit me hard.

“Wh… why?” I stuttered. Still, I bent down and hoped for the best.

There was a slight silence for quite a few seconds, before I got the answer to my question in the form of a soft kiss at the bottom of my spine.

He kissed his way down and soon, his lips were on my left arsecheek. I let out a little squeal. It was not exactly a place that often got kissed, and it had a lot of scarring on it, marks left by various whips and floggers. But this… this was quite pleasant.

When he licked the slit, from top to bottom, with his hot tongue, my heart went all a-flutter, because I now knew what he was up to.

I had never been rimmed myself, but I had done it to an ex of mine. He seemed to like it very much, and I had always wondered what if would feel like when done to me.

The answer came when he spread my cheeks and, quite gingerly, licked around my pucker. Fucking delicious.

I let out a moan, and this spurred him on to slick my arse with his tongue, licking me into a stupor of ecstasy. It felt so incredibly dirty and it made me want to melt all over the bed.

And when he started fingering my slick pussy too, I could take no more.

“Christ, just fuck me, James!” I cried out. But he wouldn’t hear me. He kept teasing my pussy, until I started shivering and giggling from the sheer lunacy of the moment.

“Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me! Oh God, why aren’t you fucking me?” I panted. He, of course, chuckled, since that’s his natural reaction to everything relating to my sexual ecstasy.  

“Relax! And wait just a second. You’ll get what you want.”

I could hear him walking towards the nightstand and fumbling about in the drawers. I closed my eyes and waited, longing for the feeling of him filling me up.

Slipping into dreamspace, I could only make out sounds, like his bare feet treading on the floor, the wrapper of the condom being opened, the sound of my heartbeat in my own ear. The anticipation was killing me.

He relieved me of the tension in my belly, as he slipped into me and pulled me upright, so my back was to his front.

“Slow or fast?” he asked. “Any way you want.”

I admired his ability to make good conversation and keep composure with his dick inside a wet cunt. Quite a talent, surely?

“Hard. Fast. Rough.” I breathed. He kissed my neck and sucked until the flesh ached. I shuddered under his lips and was completely unprepared when his hips thrust forward. I bent over again and held on to his multicolored comforter, in a poor attempt to seek leverage.

He pounded into me, holding my waist and trying very hard to go as deep as possible. Downright dirty doggystyle-fucking, like I always fantasized about.

The sound of his grunting was evidence that he was enjoying it, being the rough, brassy caveman, fucking his missus with wild abandon, ravaging her sweet cunt as if his life depended on it.

I raised myself up again, in order to reach my clit. I was dying for release and it wasn’t enough. I wanted more, and luckily, he had caught on to my idea and let his fingers slide between my legs. The combined sensation of the frigging and the thrusting triggered an intense climax, the kind of which I had never experienced before.

He came moments after, slumping down on the carpet in a naked heap of man.

Both panting messes, my arse defiled by his tongue, my pussy still throbbing…

He started to giggle. I turned around to face him, this naked mess on the floor, with a full condom still on his dick and an eternal grin on his face.

“That was fun!” he said, smiling.

“I know!”

I lay down on the bed and wrapped myself in his comforter. He rolled off his condom and threw it in the bin next to his bed, after which he sat down on the bed.

“We didn’t even switch off the television.” I said, taking his hand in my hand and squeezing it. He squeezed back.

“No, we didn’t. Do you want to go and watch more?”

“Give me a moment. I want to revel in the afterglow.”

He smiled at me, and it was quite magical.

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