Not the movie. The sound of my juices gushing out of my cunt.

I don’t blog about my masturbation sessions anymore, mainly because I tend to forget all about them the next day. So, here is an update on stuff I do in the bedroom these days.

First of all, YES!!!! I have succeeded in finding my G-Spot. The day I finally found it, I was seeping wet and very aroused. I decided to poke around a bit and found an elevated, thick sort of spot, so I kinda figured this was what I had been looking for all along, going from the various descriptions of it I have heard.

Rubbing it, I found it to be pleasure of a different kind. It’s kinda hard to describe in any other way than intense.

I tried it about three or four times now, and one time, I had a kind of weird experience. I don’t quite know what to make of it, since I don’t know what a vaginal orgasm feels like, but I assume that was what was happening.

The last time I masturbated was a good one. I turned to my old friend, my dvd of Chemistry 3 and this time, after watching the entire first disc, I felt incredibly aroused. You can thank Steven St. Croix ORSUM and quite impressive cumshot in his scene with Jada Fire for that.

I popped in disc two, on a mission. I knew exactly which scene I wanted to see: Steven and Roxy DeVille, on the couch. Now, this scene tickles my fancy for one reason in particular. Steven St. Croix not only has THE coolest penis in the bizz, his orgasms are EPIC, especially in this scene.

I did miss most of the scene because it was the first time in a long time I was really into what I was doing. It was good, there was some squirting action, which I liked.

In terms of sex toys I have bought, the collection now included: Pin, Defective Pinky, Digger (which has apparently been taken out of production, so I own one of the last ones!), Rock Chick (the Rocks-Off G-Spotter, which does bog-all for me), (the late) Slim Jim and the Rocks-Off bullet I bought in London. I also have the flogger I don’t use and an AMAYZING lace fan I bought at Ann Summers. And the two porn movies I bought, and Tracey Cox’s Supersex, which I keep in my toy chest for good measure.

And yes, I gave all my vibes nicknames. ‘Cept for the bullet. Oh dear, and my prize from the Erotic Meet raffle (a cock ring, which I have no use for whatsoever).

Generally, I’ve been experiencing little specs of awesome. One of those was started by Tristan Taormino’s call for reviewers on Twitter. I applied to review her new G-Spot book, never expecting to get a mail back from her… but, fuck me, I did! A short, sweet mail, telling me that she would send the book as soon as they were available. So, expect a review of that coming up in the next few months.

I’ve also been published on Eden Café! The Perpetual Single Ugly One is my first article of hopefully many. So, if you like my stuff and want me to do a guest post or something, let me know, and we’ll sort it out!

Red is moving along quite nicely, although the story doesn’t seem to be going fast enough for me. I’m working on chapter/part 22 now, but that isn’t quite going to plan. I seem to be losing the will to write it. I could use some cheerleaders on team Boyd.

I’m reading He’s Just Not That Into You, recommended by Lady Grinning Soul. (Go and read her, she’s truly awesome and frank and writes about stuff you wouldn’t dare.) It’s quite a cool book so far, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s still stuck in that dating netherworld of insecurities.

Anyway, that was a truly un-sexy ending to something that was supposed to be sexy.

So, have a picture, I guess?

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